Earn referral coupons to pay for your monthly subscription.

ZYTO Insights Pro not only provides unlimited scanning on our Web-based app for a low monthly fee, but also allows you to earn coupons to apply to your monthly subscription fee. It’s our way of saying thank you for helping us build the ZYTO community!

How it works

The Insights Pro referral program rewards you in two ways:


When a client subscribes to Insights Pro

You’ll earn a monthly subscription coupon ($39.97 value) for each one of your remote clients who subscribes to Insights Pro. This coupon will be automatically applied to your account after the first full month of the referral’s paid subscription.


When you scan new clients

You’ll earn a monthly subscription coupon ($39.97 value) when you run a scan on 16 or more new remote Insights clients in a month. This credit will be issued after the end of the calendar month in which it was earned.

Note: Earned coupons can only be applied to your Insights Pro subscription. They cannot be applied to any add-on products such as the Advanced Foods or Advanced Foods Pro scans.

Track your credits in Insights Pro

The Insights Pro app automatically tracks your clients who sign up for Insights Pro, as well as the number of new remote clients you have scanned. The app also makes it easy to see the referral coupons you earn. To see the coupons you’ve earned, simply select My Plan from the Main Menu of the Insights Pro app, then select the Coupons tab.

*Note: Only one coupon will be applied to your subscription fee per month. Any other coupons earned will be applied to future months.

Easily expand your client base

With remote, unassisted scanning available anywhere with an Internet connection, ZYTO Insights Pro makes it easy to expand your client base while saving you time and money. Learn more about Insights Pro and subscribe today to take advantage of this generous referral program.

How It Works


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