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Personalize wellness with ZYTO 

ZYTO technology provides an effective and easy way to personalize wellness based on each client’s unique biological preferences.

Take the leap today with one of our professional systems designed to fit the needs of your practice.

Practitioner and client looking at ZYTO reports

ZYTO Select

$9,750  $7,000 with cash payment

+$50 monthly subscription

  • Scan thousands of wellness-related items
  • Access advanced foods scan (350+ foods)
  • Get automated Basic and Advanced scans
  • Scan clients anywhere with ZYTO Remote

ZYTO Elite

$14,500  $9,500 with cash payment

+$50 monthly subscription

Includes everything in the Select, plus:

  • 5,000+ more biomarkers available to scan
  • 3 additional automated scans included
  • Run manual scans to fit each client’s unique needs
  • Create your own scans that match your existing protocols


$10,750  $7,500 with cash payment

+$50 monthly subscription

Enhance emotional wellness with perception-reframing technology:
  • Support each client’s emotional well-being
  • Explore relationship, health, and performance issues
  • Scan flower remedies and other items to support perception shifts
  • Run sessions anywhere with ZYTO Remote

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