ZYTO software update

On Wednesday, September 20th at 6:00 p.m. Mountain Time (MT), your ZYTO software was updated so that All Products buttons for the product companies you have selected in you ZYTO software will appear during the Basic and Advanced biosurveys, as well as during the Digestion and Lifestyle add-on biosurveys.

With this change, you will longer have to keep Inventory or Custom Categories up to date in order to actively scan comprehensive product company libraries.

To learn more about adding and removing product company libraries from your software, watch this quick tip video.

Additionally, we are pleased to announce that 4 new biomarkers will be added to the Balance 5.0+ biosurvey, bringing the total number of biomarkers scanned in this biosurvey to 172.

You’ll also notice that the recently added German-language version of the Balance 5.0+ biosurvey has been removed. This biosurvey is still available when the German language setting is selected.

Make sure your software has been synced to take advantage of these updates.

Feel free to reach out to our Training Department if you have any questions.


The ZYTO Team
+(353) 1 539 0141 (International)
1-801-224-7199 (US & Canada)

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