10 Pillars of Wellness

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To truly improve and maintain a high quality of life, we need to go beyond focusing on specific symptoms and start looking at health from a more holistic perspective. This guide will help you understand why holistic health and wellness are important, outline the 10 pillars that make a strong foundation for well-being, and explain […]

Vectoring Digestion for Holistic Wellness

If you were to take the line representing the electromagnetic spectrum and stretch it from San Francisco to Washington, DC, the area of visible light would only be about two feet wide. So there is a lot of information out there that we just can’t see. But if we could expand that capacity by just […]

5 Inspirational Quotes for Healthy Aging

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If you feel like you’re not aging as well as you should be, you’re not alone. Old age presents a number of challenges, and it can be difficult to stay motivated. But along with these challenges comes more opportunities.   When you take the advice below to heart, you’ll find yourself aging more gracefully. Plus, […]

What Is the Holistic Wellness Triangle?

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Wellness isn’t just about being physically healthy. You may be in peak physical condition, but if your emotional and social health is lagging behind, you are not in good health. And if this is the case, your wellness in these other areas will eventually catch up with you and impact your physical health negatively.   […]

The Holistic Wellness Triad: Function, Energy, and Emotion

holistic wellness triad

There are roughly 50 trillion cells that make up the human body. But in addition to all those cells, our bodies are home to approximately 500 trillion microbes. This means that your body isn’t just you, but a community of organisms. It’s true that you’re the anchor tenant, but you have 10 times more “roommates” […]