Library Spotlight: Suppressed Emotional Expression vs. Appropriate Self-Expression

emoticon faces on stacked wooden cubes

How we express our thoughts and feelings plays an important role in our personal development, as well as our relationships with others. When expressed appropriately, our thoughts and feelings validate who we are, increasing self-confidence and self-esteem. Additionally, self-expression provides an important means of connecting to and growing with each other.   Forms of self-expression […]

Here’s Why Your New Year’s Resolutions Fail (and What to Do Instead)

pen and notebook with new year's resolutions on top of laptop

We’ve all been there. You set your New Year’s resolutions anticipating a happy and successful year. Then a few weeks later, you aren’t where you thought you would be and you begin to lose motivation. Unfortunately, this is typical of most of our resolutions and goals.   In fact, a 2007 University of Bristol study […]

The Holistic Wellness Triad: Function, Energy, and Emotion

holistic wellness triad

There are roughly 50 trillion cells that make up the human body. But in addition to all those cells, our bodies are home to approximately 500 trillion microbes. This means that your body isn’t just you, but a community of organisms. It’s true that you’re the anchor tenant, but you have 10 times more “roommates” […]

The Human Energy Field and ZYTO Biocommunication

human energy field aura

Dozens of cultures throughout the ages have believed in the existence of an energy field that surrounds and penetrates the body. The ancient people of India named this energy Prada. The ancient Chinese called it Qi. Jewish and Christian teachings also make reference to this mysterious field. While critics may label these beliefs as ancient […]