Stressor Spotlight: Impatience

writing "i want it now" on a card

Due to modern-day technology and other conveniences, people are more impatient than ever.   We live in a world of instant gratification, where it’s easy to obtain information, stream movies, send messages, video chat, and more. Because of this, many of us expect that everything should get done instantly, and waiting seems irritating and intolerable. […]

How do I find a ZYTO scan near me?

google search on laptop for zyto scan near me

One question we get asked frequently is “where can I find a ZYTO scan near me.” Due to legal reasons, ZYTO can’t provide a list of our customers to the general public. However, there are a number of other ways you can find a wellness professional that offers ZYTO scanning.   1 – Do a […]

Balancer Spotlight – Tapping

closeup of open hand and forearm

You may have heard of acupuncture or acupressure as alternative healing modalities that can support better health and well-being. But have you ever heard of tapping?   This powerful holistic health technique is meant to help us resolve physical and emotional issues and feel better quickly. By simply focusing on the problem and tapping lightly […]

Balancer Spotlight: PEMF Therapy

bright blue electromagnetic field illustration

You’ve probably heard a lot about how EMFs such as microwaves, cell phones, and x-rays can be harmful to the body. But research suggests that a different type of EMF originating from a pulsed electromagnetic field can actually aid the body’s natural healing process. The technology is known as pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, and it […]

Stressor Spotlight: Mental/Emotional Stress

young businesswoman overwhelmed at work

Whether it’s problems in our personal or business relationships, demands on our time and energy, money issues, or negative self-talk, we all deal with mental and emotional stress on a daily basis. The results of excessive and unmanaged mental stress are devastating. It is estimated that stress is a co-factor in 95% of disease processes,1 […]

6 Benefits of the ZYTO Food Scan [with Infographic]

African-American couple shopping in grocery store

Nutrition is all about getting the right food in the right amounts at the right times. However, no single diet plan will be optimal for every person because we are all unique and have different needs. Concepts such as bio individuality and intuitive eating further explain why a diet should fit the individual and not […]

8 Unique Features of ZYTO Biocommunication Technology [with Infographic]

receptionist with client reading ZYTO report

  As the global leader in biocommunication, ZYTO offers innovative wellness decision-support technology that no other company can match. Thousands of practitioners, network marketers, and other wellness professionals use our technology to help guide people on their personal wellness journeys. Here are just a few features of our biocommunication tools that make us unique in […]

Balancer Spotlight: Cryotherapy

Young woman in a whole body cryotherapy cabin

Ice has long been used as a treatment for inflammation, pain, and swelling. Cryotherapy is taking this concept to the extreme, and a growing number of people are now finding great results with this relatively new, albeit somewhat controversial, wellness service. Projections show consistent growth in the cryotherapy industry over the past few years, and […]

Stressor Spotlight: Testes

doctor showing model of male reproductive system

Though a they play a key role in the male reproductive system, namely producing sperm, the testes have a much bigger influence on overall health than simply reproduction. Testes also produce testosterone, which not only gives males such characteristics as lowering of the voice and growth of facial hair, but is also a critical hormone […]

Balancer Spotlight: Qigong

two women practicing qigong in park

The ancient Chinese discovered that there is a vital life force flowing through the body. They called this life energy “qi,” or “chi.” The purpose of qigong is to cultivate and balance qi through body movement, posture, meditation, and breathing.   As more and more people are seeking alternative medicine for their health issues, qigong […]