Stressor Spotlight: Movement

man jogging on mountaintop at sunrise

As a global population, we are moving less than we ever have before. In fact, the World Health Organization estimates that 60-85% of people in the world lead sedentary lifestyles—meaning they spend most of their time sitting and do little to no physical activity. Sadly, this problem isn’t just limited to adults; about two-thirds of […]

Stressor Spotlight: Lymphatic System

lymphatic system graphic model and close up of lymph node structure

The body’s lymphatic system has received much more attention from the medical and alternative health communities in recent years, and rightfully so. This often-misunderstood and underappreciated system does so much for our overall health and wellness. From playing a key role in immunity to assisting with circulatory function, the importance of the lymphatic system cannot […]

Balancer Spotlight: Ketogenic Diet

various foods that are perfect for ketogenic diet

The ketogenic, or keto, diet is the latest eating trend that’s sweeping the nation. Similar to the Atkins and paleo diets, the ketogenic diet calls for eating only a small amount of carbs while consuming mostly healthy fats and a moderate amount of protein.   While only a recent trend, the keto diet traces its […]

Stressor Spotlight: Testes

doctor showing model of male reproductive system

Though a they play a key role in the male reproductive system, namely producing sperm, the testes have a much bigger influence on overall health than simply reproduction. Testes also produce testosterone, which not only gives males such characteristics as lowering of the voice and growth of facial hair, but is also a critical hormone […]

What Are Stressor and Balancer Virtual Items?

stressors and balancers

What are the differences in stressor and balancer Virtual Items and how are they used in the ZYTO software? Our tech guru Andrew Schvaneveldt breaks it down in this video so you can start analyzing ZYTO report data like a pro.     Video Transcription – What Are Stressor and Balancer Virtual Items? Have you […]

What Is ZYTO Biocommunication and What Can It Do for You?

hand on zyto hand cradle

Biocommunication in general can be defined as the science of communication between or within living things, including animals, plants, microorganisms, and fungi. When we talk about biocommunication in terms of ZYTO technology, however, we are referring to communication between a machine and an individual.   In our modern age, we have all kinds of machines […]

What Is a Bioenergetic Screening?

bioenergetic screening concept - body with energy flowing around it

The field of bioenergetics deals with energy flow through living systems. The energy generated in the body passes through the whole body on certain pathways called meridians. Along these meridians, on the surface of the skin are situated acupuncture points.   With modern advancements in technology, we are now able to measure acupuncture points first […]