ZYTO Celebrates 13 Years!


ZYTO recently celebrated its 13th year providing cutting-edge biocommunication technology and support to our customers. In that time, millions of ZYTO scans have been done by practitioners and entrepreneurs in a number of specialties. A leader in combining holistic health principles with technology, ZYTO continues to support practitioners and wellness advocates in a wide variety of fields. Here are a few highlights from our journey over the last 13 years.


ZYTO founded by Dr. Cook


ZYTO was established in 2004 by Dr. Vaughn R Cook. An oriental medicine doctor (OMD) and certified and licensed acupuncturist, Dr. Cook was one of the first to work on computerizing electrodermal screening (EDS) technology, which was developed by Dr. Reinhard Voll in the 1950s. His involvement in the development of biocommunication dates back to the 1980s when he worked for the company that developed one of the first computerized EDS devices.


Perception reframing developed


ZYTO EVOX perception reframing zones banner


The foundation of ZYTO wellness decision-support centers on accurately monitoring the body’s galvanic skin response for biological preference, and presenting that data in a way that is easy for the customer and their clients to understand and utilize. In 2007, we expanded on this foundational decision-support technology with the introduction of the EVOX. This innovative perception reframing technology was immediately embraced by practitioners for its ability to address emotional wellness at a subconscious level.


ZYTO and the FDA


While the accompanying software is a critical piece of our proprietary technology, ZYTO has become synonymous with the hardware known as the Hand Cradle galvanic skin response device. In 2011, the Hand Cradle became the first device of its kind to gain 510(k) clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a Class II medical device. Currently, the Hand Cradle remains the only FDA-cleared device of its kind on the market.


In addition to this clearance, ZYTO works closely with the FDA in a collaborative relationship to make sure all our software products and marketing materials are compliant with FDA regulations. In 2015, we changed some of our verbiage to avoid any claims that could be interpreted as a medical diagnosis. And in 2016, we made a voluntary update to the Select and Elite to modify and remove any features that could be interpreted as exceeding 501(k) claims.


International expansion



Along with supporting our customers in the United States, we began localizing the Compass software and marketing materials to support our foreign-speaking customers in the late 2000s. But international expansion began in earnest in 2016, when we opened up our international office in Dublin, Ireland. Since then, ZYTO has hosted educational events in Europe, China, Australia, and New Zealand.


As ZYTO continues to expand worldwide, we have supported international growth with localization of the ZYTO Balance software in German, Chinese, and Spanish, along with these and the 13 other languages offered in the ZYTO Compass.


Looking to the future


Recently, Dr. Cook attended a technology conference where the concept of a BHAG, or Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal was discussed. The purpose of having a BHAG is to be bold and reach for something that may seem unattainable. With that context, ZYTO came up with the goal of influencing one billion people with our technology by 2021.


Although one billion is a huge number, we have seen our technology expand at an amazing rate in the last few years, and ZYTO scanning is becoming accessible to more and more people. And with our penetration into more international markets, there’s no reason we can’t achieve this lofty goal with the help of our amazing ZYTO community. So here’s to impacting more lives for the better and serving our amazing customers for years to come!