What’s the best diet for PVCs & heart palpitations?

woman with pvcs holding chest

Premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) are a common burden among the general population. While many heart conditions are thought to mostly affect older populations, PVCs can happen to almost anyone.   While there are many causes and risk factors for PVCs, there are also plenty of treatment options. Diet and overall lifestyle patterns are thought to […]

7 Best Supplements for Gout

painful gout - man holding foot

If you have gout, then you may be wondering what you can do to manage this painful condition.   Gout is a common inflammatory disease that affects almost 4% of the US population. It’s marked by pain, swelling, and joint immobility.1 Fortunately, though, there are several methods of gout treatment, including dietary supplements.   Keep […]

8 Best Foods for a Bigger Butt

woman in leggings - foods for a bigger butt

Big butts are in these days. And, really, they should be.   A big butt does more than just look nice. Research shows that people with big butts may be healthier than those with small rear ends.   But what if your glutes aren’t up to snuff? Lucky for you, incorporating the right foods (and […]

9 Best Supplements for Sinus Infection

eucalyptus leaves next to bottle - supplements for sinus infections

In the US alone, more than 30 million people get a sinus infection each year. That amounts to more than $1 billion spent on over-the-counter medications and about 16 million doctor visits annually just for sinus infections.1   With about 10% or more of Americans getting sinus infections per year, there’s a solid chance you’ve […]

8 Best Foods for Hair Growth

foods containing vitamin d

Hair loss can happen at any time, but it’s most prevalent in adults, especially older adults. By the time you’re 50, you have a 50/50 chance of experiencing hair loss. This goes for both men and women.1   Hair loss can be caused by many things, including genetics and nutrition. While you can’t do anything […]

What can your waist to height ratio (WHtR) tell you about your health?

woman measuring waist for whtr

With so many ways to measure your health, it can be downright confusing to figure out which method is the best. From BMI to waist circumference and everything in between, which measurement will really help you learn if you need to make a few healthy changes?   While each measurement tool may be useful in […]

What Can A Body Shape Index (ABSI) Tell You about Your Health?

woman measuring waist - a body shape index

Your BMI may not be as useful as you think. What was once hailed as the end-all-be-all of health, BMI (body mass index) is slowly but surely becoming obsolete.   Instead, healthcare providers are turning to other tools, like a a body shape index (ABSI), to help them determine how healthy their patients are.   […]

How to Calculate BMI Percentile (for Children & Teens)

weight scale next to measuring tape

Bodies come in many different shapes and sizes. And with this comes many different weights and heights among people of all ages.   As an adult, it can be easy to compare your body to those of other people, but this can be harmful especially since there are a lot of ways to look and […]

10 Best Foods for Nervous System Health

various foods for nervous system health

The nervous system controls every aspect of your life, from thoughts to digestion to physical movement. And what you eat can have a major impact on just how smoothly your nervous system runs.    Research shows that certain foods may have the power to make or break the health of your nervous system.   This […]

10 Best Anti-inflammatory Supplements

senior man in store looking at supplements for inflammation

Inflammation: an involuntary bodily process that can be normal or abnormal depending on the circumstances.   No matter the cause of your inflammation, it’s important that the inflammatory process works as it should. Normal inflammation should heal on its own, but abnormal inflammation can become chronic. Believe it or not, chronic inflammation contributes to more […]

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