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What are the differences in the software?

Refer to the Product Comparison to view an online comparison chart for the ZYTO products.


How much does the ZYTO software cost?

Refer to the Product Comparison to view an online comparison chart for the ZYTO products.


What credentials must I have in order to purchase ZYTO software?

Anyone can purchase the Compass, Balance, or EVOX software. You must be certified or a licensed healthcare practitioner to use the Select or Elite software. Requirements may vary state by state and in different countries. Please Contact Us for further clarification.


What is included in the monthly subscription?

The monthly subscription fee allows ZYTO to provide customers with unlimited scanning, ongoing software maintenance and upgrades, 24/7 access to online training resources, and customer and technical support.


What product companies are available in the ZYTO software?

You can find a list of our product companies that are currently available for each software on the Product Libraries page.   You can also request that we add your product company on the Library Request page.


Can I have more than one product line in my ZYTO Compass or Balance software without purchasing another Hand Cradle?

You can purchase a second Compass product line $150. This purchase affects your software only and will not include a second Hand Cradle. In order to purchase a second Balance product line, however, you must purchase a second Balance system.


How can I buy an extra Hand Cradle?

Simply contact ZYTO technical support for current pricing and to place a Remote Hand Cradle order.


Can I purchase a second product line and a Hand Cradle?

Yes, ZYTO Balance users can contact ZYTO customer support to purchase a second product line.

ZYTO Compass users can contact customer support or simply visit the Compass Page and then click the Buy Now button. When making additional Compass purchases, we recommend that you use your own referral link (or if calling to place your order, use yourself as the referral) to receive the referral bonus—thus discounting your order.

Note that you will also pay the monthly subscription fee for each additional Balance or Compass system.


How are ZYTO products shipped?

Shipping within the US and Canada:
ZYTO products are shipped via UPS ground unless otherwise specified at the time of purchase. Extra shipping charges will apply for expedited shipping options. You also have the option to ship USPS.  

Shipping Internationally:
ZYTO products are shipped via UPS airfreight unless otherwise specified at the time of purchase. Extra shipping charges will apply for expedited shipping options. You also have the option to ship via the Postal Service.

For some destinations, we are required to make other arrangements, as UPS does not deliver to all destinations. In these cases, we will use alternative delivery options or we may inform you that we cannot deliver the product.


What kind of training does ZYTO offer?

ZYTO offers a wide range of online, video, print, in-person, and over-the-phone training opportunities.

However, the core of the ZYTO training program is the online software certification, which includes interactive training modules that cover the basic ZYTO 5.0 features that are built into every ZYTO software product, along with unique training courses specifically for the Balance, Select, EVOX, and Elite software.

Visit the Online Training page to learn more.


How long does it take to learn the software??

The time necessary to learn the ZYTO software will depend on the products purchased and how familiar you already are with computers in general.
The time required for the average customer is:

Compass – 30+ minutes
Balance – 2+ hours
Select – 5+ hours
Elite – 10+ hours
EVOX – 4+ hours.

Online video training is also provided for each product and runs between 30–60 minutes in length. Visit the Online Training page to learn more.


What languages are available in the ZYTO software?

The ZYTO Compass and Balance software are available in multiple languages:

ZYTO Compass ZYTO Balance
Simplified Chinese
Simplified Chinese



How does the technology work?

ZYTO technology relies upon an array of biocommunication principles and concepts that provide users with deeper insight and information when making decisions related to health and wellness. On a basic level, ZYTO technology is designed to energetically analyze your body’s specific Galvanic Skin Response.

You can learn more about ZYTO technology and concepts on the Getting a Scan page.


Are ZYTO results reproducible?

Because ZYTO technology interfaces with the body’s fastest-moving component, energy, biosurveys can collect a significant amount of information in a short amount of time. Since energy moves and fluctuates so quickly, you are likely to see differences if you repeat a biosurvey and compare individual data points. To learn more, refer to the Duplication page.


Does ZYTO technology measure meridian points?

Non-specific measurements are taken via the skin using galvanic skin response (GSR). Although no meridian points are directly measured, many Virtual Items represent meridians, individual acupuncture points, and EAV points (Electroacupuncture according to Voll).


Is ZYTO technology diagnostic?

ZYTO software is not diagnostic. Instead, the software provides you with information derived from GSR readings—ultimately giving you the ability to make better decisions about individual health and wellness.


How long should I wait between scans?

Your practitioner or wellness advocate who administered the scan can tell you the recommended usage period that will allow the products, services, or lifestyle changes to have their full effect. Usually this is between 3 to 4 weeks, but can vary depending on specific circumstances.


How can I find a ZYTO scan near me?

You can find a ZYTO scan near you by doing a Google search for "ZYTO" followed by the city or state you live in. Many practitioners also provide ZYTO scanning remotely. Search for "ZYTO Remote" to find practitioners who offer these services. Searching for #zytoscan on social media websites is another way to find ZYTO scan providers.



How do I install the ZYTO software?

After you purchase your ZYTO software, you should receive an email with a link to installation instructions and the install download. If you cannot locate this email, visit zyto.com/setup and select the software you purchased for instructions on how to download and install the software.

Complete installation instructions can also be found in the first chapter of all software user guides. The user guides can be found in their respective training modules at portal2.zyto.com/training and logging in.


What are the system requirements for running ZYTO software on my computer?

The minimum system requirements for all ZYTO software can be viewed online on the System Requirements page.


Does ZYTO software work on Mac Computers?

ZYTO software is PC compatible only.


Do I need to be connected to the Internet to run the ZYTO software?

The software will operate with or without an Internet connection. However, you will need to be connected to the Internet for the initial download of the software and to release or claim a license. You are also required to sync your software at least once every 30 days, which requires an Internet connection. Synchronizing happens automatically when you launch the ZYTO software while connected to the Internet. If you’re not connected to the Internet, the software will skip the sync.


What if I forget my username or password?

Your password can be easily reset from zyto.com. At the top right of the ZYTO website, click Sign In. Then click Don’t remember your password? If you need help resetting your username, contact Technical Support.


What does it mean when I get an error message that says "No Internet, License Expired"?

The error message can mean one of two things:

  1. Your monthly subscription is on hold or did not renew:
  2. To reactivate your account, select Sign In at the top right of the zyto.com website and log in to your ZYTO account. Then select the Product you would like to reactivate in the Subscriptions section. From here you can select the Reactivate button.
    You may also contact Account Services to reactivate your license.
    Note that the credit card you have on file with us will be charged the monthly subscription fee when you reactivate your license.
  3. Your account is active but you have the software installed on two computers and the license is already claimed on the other computer:
    See the FAQ below for instructions on how to release your license.


How do I release my license

There are 2 ways to release your software license...

  1. From within the ZYTO software:

  2. Compass 5.0 Balance, Select, Elite, and EVOX software - In the Main Menu, select Settings > Release License.
    On the Release License page, select Release License.
    The software will automatically close and your license will be available to claim on a second computer.
    Note that you must be online to release your license.

    Compass 2.0 software - select Administrative Settings, then select Release License.
    The software will automatically close and your license will be available to claim on a second computer.
    Note that you must be online to release your license.

  3. From the zyto.com website:

  4. In the top right corner of the ZYTO.com website, select Sign In.
    Enter your user name and password and select Login.
    From the Manage Account tab, select the Product in the Subscriptions section.
    In the License section, select Release License.
    *If there is no Release License button next to the license, it means that the license has already been released.


Why do I need to release my license to use the software on a second computer?

You are permitted to install your ZYTO program on 2 different computers. However, you may only open and operate the software on 1 computer at a time. In order to use the program, you must have the software license claimed on that computer.

Before you can claim your license on a second computer, you must first release it from the computer where it is currently being used, or currently claimed. You must be online to release and claim your license.


Can I transfer my license to someone else?

Yes, the original owner of the license needs to send an email to Account Services confirming they authorize the transfer. They will receive a transfer agreement that the new owner will need to complete and return. The new owner will be charged a transfer fee plus the first month’s subscription fee.

Your Compass license can also be easily transferred online. Visit the Transfer page for more details.


Can I transfer my Compass or Balance to a different product line?

Yes, you will need to fill out a Transfer Agreement and pay a transfer fee. Please contact Account Services to have the transfer agreement emailed to you.


Why are my clients not receiving the reports that I email?

Typically, this is because the client’s email is sending the email into the junk mail folder. Ask your client to look in their junk email folder for the report email. You may also want to double-check that you have input the client’s email address correctly.

To verify a client’s email:

  1. In the Main Menu, click Clients > My Clients.
  2. Search for the client in the search field and in the results, click the client’s name to access their profile. The client’s email address should appear in the center column.
  3. If you need to make any changes to the email, click Edit Info.
  4. Click Save after updating the email address.

If you are unable to set up your email address in the ZYTO software in order to send reports, refer to the “Setting up email” section of the Balance User Guide. The user guide can be downloaded after logging in from https://portal2.zyto.com/training. Once logged in, select the Balance Training module and then select the Resources tab.



I chose All Products for my scan, so why does my report just show supplements?

Choosing to scan all products in a product line or multiple product lines means all of the available products will be included in the scan to effectively bring the biomarkers into balance. It does not guarantee that the report will give you a mix of oils and supplements in your list of top biologically coherent products. The report lets you know the products your body showed the strongest preference for without taking into account whether they are oils or supplements.


How can I better understand the Balance software and reports?

Our 5.0 Basics, Balance 5.0 Training, and Balance 5.0 Auxiliary Training provides videos and quizzes to help you use the ZYTO Balance like a pro. You can access this training and additional resources by visiting portal2.zyto.com/training and logging in.



Is the ZYTO Hand Cradle cleared by the FDA?

Yes, the Hand Cradle is cleared by the FDA as a Class II Medical Device for the measurement of galvanic skin response.


Why is the Hand Cradle not working on my client during a scan?

The software indicates a solid connection when the contact points on the Hand Cradle graphic turn from silver to gold. If you still cannot establish a connection, you should first check that the USB is properly plugged into both the computer and the Hand Cradle. If the connection continues to be a problem, try the following:

  • Dry hands can be moistened by running them under warm water and then drying them so they remain slightly damp.
  • If a connection is still difficult, you can also moisten a paper towel and lay it on the Hand Cradle before your client places their hand on it.
  • Cold hands can be warmed by the above method or by clapping them together and rubbing vigorously for several seconds.
  • Lotion can act as an insulator. If your client has lotion on, have them first wash with warm water and soap. View the Connection Tip Video for additional tips.

If the above methods fail, please contact Technical Support for further assistance.


What does the Hand Cradle measure?

The Hand Cradle measures galvanic skin response (GSR) to gauge your body’s responses to digital signatures representing various items such as biomarkers and nutritional products.
View the Getting a scan page to learn more about GSR.


How do I clean the Hand Cradle?

You can use a damp wash cloth, cleaning wipe, or alcohol wipe to gently clean the Hand Cradle. Clean the Hand Cradle after each scan or as you see necessary. The Hand Cradle should be dry before proceeding with a scan.


What if my client has a disability or is too small to use the Hand Cradle?

Since the ZYTO Hand Cradle measures galvanic skin response (GSR), you are able to place the cradle on any part of the body where skin coverage is adequate for all 6 contact points—such as the thigh or abdomen. Placing both hands on the Hand Cradle can also be a useful approach when scanning small children and infants.


Can I scan someone that is pregnant or has a pacemaker?

Yes, there are no known contraindications for using the ZYTO Hand Cradle.


I lost my cable that connects the Hand Cradle to the computer. How do I replace it?

You can purchase a special cord with a USB connection on each end from any electronics store, or contact Account Services to order a new cord.



Can I charge for scans?

Yes, you can charge for performing scans and are encouraged to do so. Charging for scans adds value to the process as well as your products and helps cover the cost of your monthly subscription.


Does ZYTO have a referral program?

Yes, ZYTO offers a cash reward for each person you refer who buys a ZYTO system. For more details and to start earning for your referrals, visit the Referral Program page.


Do I need to be a ZYTO customer in order to join the referral program?

No, the Referral Program is open to everyone.


How quickly will I get paid after the person I refer makes a purchase?

Your referral bonus will be sent to you approximately 2 weeks from the date of the order.


Can I purchase a ZYTO Compass using my own referral link?

Not on your first purchase. But you can use the link to get a referral bonus on any additional Compass systems you purchase for yourself or others.

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