Can ZYTO Biosurvey responses be duplicated?

ZYTO biosurveys done in rapid succession will not produce duplicate responses. However, the lack of duplication is actually a good thing, evidence that ZYTO technology is accurate and effective…

ZYTO scans can be repeated successfully

ZYTO has been in business for over 15 years, and over that time thousands of wellness professionals have implemented our technology and millions of clients have been evaluated. These individuals can attest to the accuracy of ZYTO technology and how it continues to assist them in making wellness decisions.

By analyzing galvanic skin response from the ZYTO Hand Cradle, the ZYTO software can provide real-time information related to the body’s energy. The body’s energetic field is the most rapidly changing system in the body, so it changes from moment to moment. A scientific principle known as the Observer Effect further explains why you are likely to get different results when running back-to-back ZYTO biosurveys. This doesn’t mean that ZYTO evaluations can’t be repeated on the same individual successfully, only that the measurements change because the body’s energy field changes and also due to the Observer Effect.

The body's energy is in a constant state of motion

human energy field aura

Obtaining duplicate results is only possible when measuring structural or physical aspects that change very slowly over time such as weight and height. Even within a single saliva sample, you would get a certain amount of variation if you were to run multiple tests on the same sample. A lack of duplication in measuring energetic response—which changes even more rapidly than body chemistry—is therefore evidence that the the Hand Cradle is taking accurate GSR measurements and the ZYTO software is analyzing the responses accurately.

Measuring something affects the thing being measured

man measuring car tire pressure

The Observer Effect dictates that no wave-based field can be measured twice with the same results achieved because the second measurement will always be with a different starting condition. ZYTO Technology interacts with the body’s energy field and therefore changes this field after the measurement, as explained by this well-established scientific principle.

One example of the Observer Effect is that in order to measure tire pressure, a tire gauge has to let some air out of the tire. Another example is that a when a thermometer comes into contact with the item it’s measuring, it alters the temperature of that item.

Though you can’t expect the repeatability of a weight scale when measuring the body’s energy, running multiple ZYTO biosurveys on a person can provide great insights when you look for the correlations and patterns of the results over time. Even though running multiple biosurveys on the same person in succession will yield different responses, similarities in the data can still be observed.

Running a ZYTO biosurvey on a client no more than once a month, however, limits the influence the Observer Effect has on the results and provides a level of accuracy that can be taken at face value.

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