Perception Reframing

Improve Emotional Wellness with Perception Reframing

The emotional and psychological component of health can have a powerful influence on overall wellness. This component is also one of the most difficult to address because much of what we think and how we view the world is embedded deep in the subconscious. ZYTO perception reframing software, however, is able to address emotional wellness in an effective and powerful way. The software does this by mapping the subtle frequencies in your voice and then focusing on those missing frequencies through a proprietary neurofeedback process.

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Reframe with EVOX

One of the great things about ZYTO perception reframing is that you can use it to improve in any area, whether it be in performance, relationships, your career, or something else. Sessions are guided by practitioners using the EVOX software. An EVOX practitioner can further support the perception reframing process with integrated scanning for biological coherence to flower remedies and other products.

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Expand perceptions for improved emotional wellness

Ways of thinking and habits can be difficult to change, but perception reframing can help. Learn more and join the thousands of people whose lives have been dramatically improved by this revolutionary technology.

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