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ZYTO Compass, Balance, Select, Elite, & EVOX software certification

The core of the ZYTO training program is the online software certification, which includes interactive training modules that cover the basic ZYTO software features built into every ZYTO software product, along with training courses specifically for Compass 2.0, Compass 5.0, Balance, Select, EVOX, and Elite software

Log in with your ZYTO username and password to access the training videos, print materials, and online certification. You can see the specific training path for your software by selecting the Content Library tab, then Learning Paths.

ZYTO Link app training

Online training is also available for the ZYTO Link App. Select the link below to access the Link training videos, which explain how to use the app and understand the reports. Like the software training, the Link training videos are frequently updated and expanded as new features are added and other updates are made.

Training Webinars

In addition to the online training, training webinars are also available on our Webinars Page

View training materials on YouTube

Many of our training videos are also available on the ZYTO Technology YouTube channel. Below are the training playlists for the ZYTO software products:

Have more questions?

Have more questions about how to use the ZYTO software or analyze the reports? Contact our training department and one of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.


Submit your question via the Training Questions Form

Call: 801-224-7199 (option 5)

Need technical support?

Training services are limited to helping you get the most out of the software. If you need help installing the software or have an issue with the software not working properly or the Hand Cradle not connecting, contact ZYTO Technical Support.


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