What is a ZYTO biosurvey?

With so many choices available today, deciding which nutritional products to take can be a difficult task to say the least. Most people use a try-it-and-see approach, which can be a costly and time-consuming process. But there’s a much better way to decide from among the multitude of wellness options available to you.

By getting a ZYTO biosurvey, you can find which Virtual Items associated with products your body is most coherent with, thus reducing the guesswork and subjectivity that comes with choosing supplements and other personal wellness products.

Virtual Items in the ZYTO Software

ZYTO biosurvey libraries include hundreds and even thousands of digital signatures representing actual items—we call these Virtual Items. The ZYTO Hand Cradle gathers galvanic skin response (GSR) data, and the ZYTO software evaluates changes in the this data in light of various Virtual Items.

Read on to learn more about what types of items are available in the ZYTO software.

In total, there are over 40,000 Virtual Items included in the ZYTO software. The scanning process is made easier with a personal item inventory and pre-built biosurveys that guide the selection of items. Due to the amount and variety of available data points, ZYTO technology may reveal factors, trends, and patterns that haven’t been previously considered, allowing you to make better decisions in a shorter amount of time for optimized personal wellness.

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