What Is a Biosurvey?

With so many choices available today, deciding which nutritional products to take can be a difficult task to say the least. Most people use a try-it-and-see approach, which can be a costly and time-consuming process. But there’s a much better way to decide from among the multitude of wellness options available to you.

By getting a ZYTO biosurvey, you can find which Virtual Items associated with products your body is most coherent with, thus reducing the guesswork and subjectivity that comes with choosing supplements and other personal wellness products.

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Beyond nutrition counseling

Evaluating biological preference for Virtual Items associated with nutritional products is a key component of ZYTO Technology. Scannable Virtual Items have been associated with supplements, essential oils, skin-care products, foods, wellness services, and lifestyle options.

Biosurvey options

The ZYTO software contains more than 40,000 Virtual Items which have been associated with actual items. These include not only products from over 200 nutritional product companies, which we call balancer Virtual Items, but also thousands of Virtual Items which have been associated with internal body systems as well as external Virtual Items which are called stressor Virtual Items.

A wellness professional can evaluate you for as few or as many of these Virtual Items as desired based on your needs and specific wellness goals. Generally, a biosurvey consists of stressors and balancers; stressors to determine the most divergent Virtual Items, and balancers to determine which Virtual Items are most likely to bring stressors back into range, or balance.

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ZYTO Balance wellness reports

Personalized information = better decisions

Along with determining your body’s coherence for Virtual Items, a ZYTO biosurvey may provide a wealth of additional information. ZYTO reports may reveal correlations, patterns, and trends in the Virtual Items that you were scanned for. Your wellness professional may use this information to ask better questions and reveal additional key information to help you remove the barriers preventing you from achieving optimal wellness.

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