7 Tools to Grow Your Wellness Business


The Global Wellness Institute recently reported that the wellness market is now worth over $3 trillion, which is almost 3 times more than the pharmaceutical industry.1 Although now is a better time than ever to own a wellness business due to this recent growth, finding ways to grow your business can still be a challenge due to the amount of competition out there. With the following 7 tools at your disposal, however, you can separate yourself from the competition and increase revenue whether you’re just starting out or have been in the wellness business for several years.


Landing pages


Most successful wellness entrepreneurs have a landing page or series of landing pages set up on the Web to draw visitors in and convert leads. Sites such as LandingPage Monkey offer high-converting templates that you can use to get your offers out, and they even host the landing pages for you so you don’t have to buy a domain and set up your own website.


E-mail autoresponder


An e-mail autoresponder is an essential tool if you’re serious about growing your business. While some people find success using email alone, combining an autoresponder tool such as AWeber or Constant Content with your landing pages can be far more effective. Once you’ve captured a lead from your landing page, your autoresponder will automatically send out your customized emails to them periodically. Online experts recommend creating multiple autoresponder campaigns to target prospects based on their interests.2





You’ve likely heard stories of people who have turned their blogs into multi-million-dollar businesses. This is of course the exception rather than the rule, but many others have generated a significant income from blogging. A well-written blog can increase your visibility online and draw hundreds and even thousands of leads to your business. You can set up a free blog with sites like WordPress and Blogger, or you can easily add one to your hosted website.




Similar to a blog, YouTube provides another opportunity to share your story and communicate with prospects. If you can share valuable, relevant information with your audience in meaningful way, your online presence and brand will continue to grow.


Facebook page


As the largest social network on the Web, Facebook is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal as an entrepreneur. Facebook business pages allow you to integrate many of your business practices. You can leverage Facebook Shop to sell your products. You can drive sign-ups for any programs using CTAs on your page, as well as in your Facebook cover photo. You can even use the platform as a client support tool with Facebook’s new chatbot feature.


Learn how to make a Facebook business page in 2019 to help take your wellness business to the next level.


Product marketing tools


woman passing out business card at event


This may seem like a no-brainer, but many network marketers and distributors fail to take full advantage of the marketing tools their company offers. In addition to printed materials, companies such as doTERRA have flyers, product information pages, PowerPoint presentations, and videos that you can share on all your Internet channels as well as in person. Along these same lines, you’ll also want to have business cards or drop cards to give to your prospects.


ZYTO System


Personalized and preventative health has seen a 78% increase since 2010,3 and ZYTO is a key player in this growing industry. With our advanced galvanic skin response technology, you can run a scan on a client and quickly determine which products their body is most biologically coherent with. Once they have these accurate, personalized recommendations based on their body’s response, your clients will be more likely to return to your wellness business to get scanned and buy products from you each month.




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