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Grow your wellness business with ZYTO technology

Are you a distributor for a nutrition or essential oils company? Do you own your own nutrition store? Maybe you own a wellness or other retail store that sells nutritional supplements? Whatever the case, ZYTO technology can help your wellness business grow by helping your customers make the best decisions when it comes to choosing supplements, essential oils, and more.

The problem with choosing nutritional supplements and oils

There’s no shortage of nutritional supplements and oils on the market. The amount of products offered by just one company, let alone the thousands of nutritional companies out there, can be confusing for customers.

Some customers will buy a product just because it sounds like it would be good for them, or perhaps they heard on the news or the Internet that they need a certain nutritional supplement. But the truth is that just like any article of clothing, one size does not fit all when it comes to an individual’s nutritional needs.

Grow your wellness business with personalized scanning

Finding the right nutritional products and essential oils can be a long and arduous process. One has to consider their lifestyle, diet, existing medical conditions, environment, and more to determine which products they need. But what if you could simplify and improve that difficult process by asking the body directly? With a ZYTO biocommunication scan, you can do just that.

ZYTO decision-support technology takes the guesswork out of choosing nutrition and oils by introducing digital representations of those items and recording and prioritizing the responses. After a scan, the customer is presented with a ranked list of products based on how the body responded. The process is non-invasive, accurate, and takes as little as 3 minutes to complete.

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Scan your product line with the ZYTO Compass

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Thousands of distributors, network marketers, wellness advocates, and wellness store owners use the ZYTO Compass to scan customers and clients for their products. A common result of offering this service is that clients come back to get scanned again and again, which is proof that they are seeing results.

By offering Compass scanning for your products, you can increase customer satisfaction, which will help you grow your business.

The Compass system offers the following complete product lines that you can scan customers or clients for:

Be Young
Eniva Health
Forever Green
Forever Living

Nature's Sunshine
New Sun
PBW Health
PHM Life

Revii Inc.
Solle Naturals Company
VEO Natural
Waiora USA, Inc.
Young Living

To learn more about this easy-to-use system, Visit the Compass Page.

Get more information with the zyto balance

The ZYTO Compass is a great solution if you’re looking for a hands-off scan that shows a person’s top products for a given product line. But if you want more scanning options and more detailed reports, the ZYTO Balance may be a better option for you.

In addition to giving you the ability to scan for your entire product line, you can also choose which items you want to scan for with the Balance. This system also allows you to scan for biologically coherent services such as acupuncture, functional exercise, massage, purification programs, vitamin B injections, and much more.

Along with showing the client’s most coherent services and products, the Balance reports also show the person’s in-range and out-of-range biomarkers (which are digital signatures of body organs and systems), providing you with more data points to help clients make more informed decisions about their wellness.

The Balance provides you with the same technology used by hundreds of licensed practitioners and offers the following product lines to choose from.

Standard Balance Product Lines:
Be Young*
Forever Living
Nature's Sunshine*
Rainforest Remedies (NBA)*
Young Living*

Professional Balance Product Lines (Require practitioner license):
Biotics Research Corp.*
Deseret Biologicals
Designs for Health*
Food Research*
MD Logic
Nutritional Frontiers*
Nutra Biogenesis
Optimal Health Systems*
Physica Energetics
Premier Research Labs*
Standard Proc./ MediHerb*
Systemic Formulas

*Indicates that product line is optimized for categorization in the Balance Wellness Report

Visit the Balance Page to learn more about how your business can benefit from using what the licensed pros use.

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