Learn to Speak ZYTO Geek

Are you new to ZYTO Technology? Just need a quick refresher? Refer to the definitions of terms unique to our company and industry below and you’ll be speaking ZYTO geek in no time.

  • Biocommunication

    In the context of ZYTO Technology, biocommunication consists of an exchange of information between a computer and the body through galvanic skin response (GSR). The ZYTO Hand Cradle measures GSR and the software ranks the changes in energetic coherence and generates reports.

  • Biological Coherence

    A state in the body where two or more things exist without conflict. By introducing digital signals of actual items, ZYTO decision-support technology can detect and rank changes. Reports generated from this information act as guides in making decisions about personal wellness. Biological coherence is also referred to as biological preference.

  • Galvanic Skin Response

    A method of measuring fluctuations in the electrical conductivity of the skin.

  • Bioscan

    In the context of ZYTO Technology, bioscan is simply short for “biocommunication scan.”

  • Virtual Item

    A digital signature representing an item. Think of a Virtual Item as a “question” posed to the body about a particular item, such as a supplement or clinic service. The response to this question is the change in the electrical properties of the skin, which is measured by the Hand Cradle.

  • Stressor Virtual Item

    An item run as a stressor in a scan that represents a biomarker or an external item. Both positive and negative responses to stressor Virtual Items are considered when examining what to use as balancer Virtual Items.

  • Biomarkers

    A subset of stressor Virtual Items that represent various body parts and functions, such as organs, glands, and systems.

  • Balance Virtual Items

    Items run as balancers during a scan that represent various products or services. Any positive in- or out-of-range items can be considered to use as balancer Virtual Items.

  • Biosurvey

    A survey that identifies the body’s biological coherence for a chosen group of Virtual Items. The results from a biosurvey can help you and your client make better decisions about their wellness.

  • Range

    The range is determined by measuring the responses to 35 neutral Virtual Items at the beginning of every ZYTO scan. The range is the body’s normal response level. Anything in range may be considered a stressor Virtual Item the body may be able to handle on its own. The out-of-range stressor Virtual Items are the items that the body had an unusual response to and might need some help to bring back into range.

  • Deviation Ratio (dR)

    A numerical expression of coherence with a specific Virtual Item. A positive dR indicates an increase in coherence, while a negative dR indicates diminishing coherence.

  • Dynamic Baseline

    A real-time measurement of the body’s energetic posture. Because the body’s energy constantly fluctuates, this measurement is calculated with each Virtual Item and its corresponding dR.

  • Vectors Tab

    Shows energetic relationships between items in the body.

  • Non-Response or Zero-Response Virtual Item

    A Virtual Item with a dR value of zero that may be interpreted as a balanced response. In certain cases, practitioners may interpret a non- or zero response as showing that the biomarker was too weak to show a response.

  • Biomarker Progress Chart

    Shows progress made when each product Virtual Item was introduced. Can be used to see the most “stubborn” biomarker(s) to bring into range and to identify patterns and trends.

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