Understanding ZYTO Reports

Understanding ZYTO Reports can help you make better decisions for the health and wellness of your clients.

balance reports fanned out next to hand cradle and laptop

Visualizing reports

Learning to “see” the body’s responses begins by understanding how ZYTO gathers and organizes the data. Familiarize yourself with common report displays, what information is represented, and how it is plotted.

Analyzing Reports

ZYTO report data is used as one piece of the puzzle you are assembling on behalf of your client.
When making a differential diagnosis, having more information helps practitioners through the process of investigation, comparison, and elimination.

Consider what you already know

Before running a ZYTO scan, consider what you already know about your client. This may guide your decisions about what to scan for and what responses you might expect.

ZYTO technology facilitates more comprehensive data gathering.

Look for clues

Clues will become obvious when you begin to look for patterns, relationships, and trends. Learning to ask effective questions about the data will help draw out these clues when integrating ZYTO reports into your findings.




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