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Using a process known as perception reframing, the ZYTO EVOX helps clients overcome limiting thoughts & beliefs that may be holding them back in life.

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How reframing works

How EVOX perception reframing works

The EVOX creates a visual map of a client's perception about a specific topic such as health, relationships, work, athletic performance, or any aspect of life they would like to improve.

The clients speaks about this topic and the EVOX records the energy of the voice. The voice energy is plotted into a Perception Index, which gives the client a visual image of their perception.

Perceptions are static

Most perceptions are static

Clinical trials show that most perceptions are static. This becomes undesirable when perceptions are in any way dysfunctional.

In the case of relationships, a person may repeatedly attract destructive behaviors. This is the result of a static perception that perpetuates dysfunctional outcomes regardless of a conscious desire for a healthier relationship.

Change your perceptions, change your life

In the EVOX, a static perception can be reflected when speaking about a single topic multiple times that results in a Perception Index that is the same or similar. With the EVOX system, it is possible to quickly and painlessly shift, or reframe, perception at both a conscious and subconscious level. Perception reframing allows for a more mature or functional reality, and can be used to improve any aspect of life, including personal health, interpersonal relationships, and performance.

EVOX perception reframing charts

Chances are that a person has a specific area in life that’s giving them trouble. Whatever this area is, the Single-Topic chart is capable of addressing it in a very powerful way. After speaking on the topic multiple times and then doing a Timed Output, the body’s subconscious will absorb the information and a shift will eventually occur regarding that topic. The expanded perception can then lead to improvements in that area.

With any topic, there are usually associated areas that relate. The Multi-Topic chart provides a clearer “road map” to guide the practitioner in determining which areas related to the core topic they should work on reframing first. The client then speaks about the related topics and does Timed Outputs in the specified order until each associated perception shifts. This method allows the client to reframe the topic in a more comprehensive way.

Did you know that most of your perceptions are inherited from your ancestors? Like most other perceptions, these transgenerational perceptions are deeply embedded in our subconscious. While many of these perceptions serve an important purpose, some are less desirable and can create barriers to wellness. The Transgenerational chart addresses the perceptions that may be creating these barriers.

sample reports

Chart Report
This report provides a visual summary of an EVOX session and can include specific zone descriptions.

Flower Remedies Report
Generated at the end of a Flower Remedies Biosurvey, this report displays the client's top balancer Virtual Items and their descriptions.

EVOX Inventory Report
This report shows selected product and general balancer Virtual Items from the EVOX Inventory w/ Product Categories scan


Transgenerational Chart
A specific chart template directs you through the Transgenerational Perception Reframing process.

Output Page
During an EVOX session, biologically coherent tones are scanned and output to the client.

Report Options
Send the client home with a reminder of the shift they made during their EVOX session. Include relevant zone information for further insight.

EVOX Biosurveys
Run a number of different EVOX biosurveys to further support a client's perception and emotional shift.

Manage Your Playlist
Music is often a part of the EVOX session, as it helps the client focus inward. Here you can sort, add, or remove music on your playlist.

"I love my EVOX! I use it every day in my practice. My patients have had profound results and ask for more sessions."
Jill Silverman

Once purchased, you will receive an email with instructions to download and install the following:

  • 1 EVOX License
  • ZYTO’s 5.0 Platform that can be installed on up to 2 computers


  • 1 ZYTO Hand Cradle in professional blue
  • 1 USB 2.0 cable
  • 1 Limina Light Frame system
  • 1 Headphone/microphone set

Our biocommunication solutions aren’t something we sell and leave you high and dry to figure out on your own.
Your monthly subscription service provides you with:

  • Access to online training resources
  • Live training with a personal coach
  • Access to free webinars
  • Daytime and extended technical support
  • Membership to our community forum
  • Admission to any of ZYTO’s Live Training Events
  • Remote sessions/scanning

Your monthly subscription fee also guarantees you free upgrades of your EVOX software for the lifetime of your license.

In addition, all products are warranted to conform to the applicable specifications for a period of 1 year for all ZYTO-branded electronic components and 1 year for all ZYTO-branded mechanical parts from the date of shipment. However, this warranty extends in 30-day increments as long as your subscription remains active.

Windows 8 or 10
2GHz Pentium 4 or Athlon or 1.5 GHz Pentium M, Core, Core 2, or Turion processor or higher
40 GB hard drive w/ 1 GB of available hard drive space
USB 2.0 or higher
5 Mbps Internet (Up/Down)
No FAT32 partition on hard drive
Video Resolution of 1280 x 720
Not Macintosh, Windows RT, or Windows 10 S compatible

Windows 8*
1.0 Gigahertz CPU
20 GB hard drive w/ 1 GB available hard drive space
USB 2.0
1.5 Mbps Internet (Up/Down)
Video Resolution of 1024 x 768
Not Macintosh, Windows RT, or Windows 10 S compatible

Note: You may experience issues when trying to run ZYTO software on a network drive. For best results, we recommend running the software on a local drive.

*Microsoft support and updates for Windows 7 ended on January 14, 2020. ZYTO software may or may not work in Windows 7, and we will be unable to provide technical support for systems running Windows 7. For further details, click here.


The following are computers we recommend based on their affordability and capacity to run ZYTO software. Consider these or similar devices based on how many scans you plan on running. You can also refer to the specifications of these devices to determine if your current windows-based PC can handle your anticipated scan volume.

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