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With the Link app, you can recommend the right supplements and essential oils at the right time based on the body’s unique preferences.
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Increase engagement with personalized wellness

Finding and keeping people engaged is often a big challenge for network marketers. But what if there was a tool that could assist you in not only acquiring new clients, but keeping them buying oils and supplements each month?

ZYTO Link is a powerful tool for personalizing wellness decisions for you and your clients. The app provides a streamlined process to grow your business, from inviting people to run a wellness scan to recommending the right products, as well as connecting them to your affiliate store for easy purchasing.

The best part? There’s no hardware to buy and a scan can be run anytime, anywhere.

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How Does it Work

Run a 30-second wellness scan anytime, anywhere. Choose local scan or send a remote scan invite.

Discover the body’s top products and services, and see which systems & lifestyle areas need support.

Select products & services based on the personalized data. Products are added to the cart for purchasing.

ZYTO Link is available for Young Living, doTERRA, & Nature’s Sunshine, and Youngevity product lines.

Your privacy is our priority

ZYTO Link uses your smartphone camera to analyze facial blood-flow patterns in the face. This data is used to accurately determine various measurements related to health & wellness. You can rest assured that the app only uses the blood-flow data gathered and does not save any images or video for personal identification.


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The ZYTO Link app combines leading-edge health assessment technology with ZYTO’s proprietary scanning process. The result is a fast, accurate wellness scan that provides a wealth of information, including top essential oils and supplements the body prefers.

The Link scan analyzes facial blood-flow patterns to determine the person’s heart rate, heart-rate variability, breathing rate, skin age, and mental stress level.

After incorporating these measurements from the face scan, the Link scan measures the body’s responses to various biomarkers. Biomarkers are digital representations of actual components of the body, such as organs, glands, and systems, as well as lifestyle factors and emotions.

Lastly, Link measures the body’s responses to various wellness products and services to determine which ones the body prefers the most.

To learn more about how the technology works, visit the How a Link Scan Works page.

ZYTO Link uses advanced facial blood-flow analysis to determine heart rate, heart rate variability, breathing rate, skin age, and mental stress level. This technology is known as transdermal optical imaging, or TOI. Studies show that TOI rivals traditional methods of measuring cardiovascular health, such as electrocardiogram testing.

The unique, real-time measurements from the Link face scan are incorporated into the ZYTO scanning algorithm, which accurately determines your priority score for each biomarker, product, and service scanned.

ZYTO Link includes the following reports:

Report Summary – Shows the body’s heart rate, heart-rate variability, breathing rate, facial skin age, mental stress level, and overall biomarker responses.

Systems – Provides more detail about the specific biomarker responses. You can see the overall responses to the various systems, lifestyle areas, and emotions, and drill down into each category to view the specific biomarker responses. This report also allows you to see the top products for each category, as well as the top products across any categories that you select.

Products – Shows the top 5 products the body responded to overall, along with how many biomarkers each product brings into range.

Services – Shows the top 5 services the body responded to overall, along with how many biomarkers each service brings into range.

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ZYTO Link is the next generation of ZYTO biocommunication. Here are a few ways in which it differs from other ZYTO products:

  • Link can be used on any Apple or Android device, unlike Compass and Pro 5.0 products which are Windows-only software programs.
  • The new facial scanning technology in Link eliminates the need for the Hand Cradle device, which is used in the ZYTO Compass and Pro 5.0 products.
  • Link utilizes a face-scanning technology known as transdermal optical imaging instead of measuring the body’s galvanic skin response. Both methods measure body responses accurately, but Link scanning is faster and more convenient.
  • Link allows a wellness professional to issue a link to their client to run a scan on their own without assistance. Remote scanning with ZYTO Pro 5.0 requires a practitioner’s assistance to run as well as a Remote Hand Cradle.


The chart below shows how Link compares to our Balance 5.0 software.

zyto product comparison - balance and link

The Link app is built to save you time and money while increasing your client base and product sales. When your clients experience the ease and convenience of scanning and see how each product can support their wellness, they will be more likely to buy from you and return for future scans.

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ZYTO Link is available for Young Living, doTERRA, & Nature’s Sunshine, and Youngevity product lines.
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