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Transfer a ZYTO Software License

A ZYTO Compass license can be easily transferred online for FREE! If you want to get a Pro 5.0 software license transferred or want to transfer a Compass license manually, follow the process outlined under the manual transfer option. A  fee of $150 will be charged for Balance, Select, Elite & EVOX transfers.
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Transfer a ZYTO Compass software license online

You can easily get a ZYTO Compass license transferred to you online. Simply click the link below to start the process. Note that you will either need the former license owner’s name or the serial number on the back of the Hand Cradle that you purchased from them.

No transfer fee, monthly subscription $39.95
No transfer fee, monthly subscription 
*Price varies by country,  *Other currencies available

Manually Transfer a ZYTO Pro 5.0 or Compass license

If you have obtained or already have a Hand Cradle and want to transfer someone else’s Compass, Compass 5.0, Balance, Select, Elite, or EVOX license to yourself:
  1. The person transferring the license to you must first email and let us know that they are transferring their license to you.
  2. Once we have received this email, we will send you a Transfer and Subscription agreement to sign.
  3. After we’ve received and processed the signed agreement, your credit card will be charged the transfer fee and first month’s subscription. (Compass & Compass 5.0 is free to transfer.)

$150 transfer fee, $50 monthly subscription

*Price varies by country, VAT not included

files being transferred from one file cabinet to another
If you are the CURRENT license owner who is transferring your license to someone else:

Please contact Account Services to ensure that your subscription has been deactivated.

Phone: 1-801-224-7199 


  • Please allow 1 business day for processing and account activation.
  • Monthly subscription time is non-transferrable and is not pro-rated. For example, if the current license owner’s monthly subscription processed on the 20th of October and a Transfer Agreement is processed on the 5th of November, the new account will be charged the full monthly subscription price the same day the agreement is processed, starting their monthly billing. The previous owner will not be reimbursed for the time not used, and that time will not be transferred to the new account owner to use.
  • ZYTO is not responsible for non-payment of the Hand Cradle. When selling your Hand Cradle online, you may want to wait to ship your Hand Cradle until the payment from the buyer has cleared.

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