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May 2024

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How does the Link app compare to the ZYTO Balance? Find out in this short video.

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Time is running out on our Mental Health Month Special. Hurry to get the EVOX for only $200 per month (monthly subscription included).

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Can EOs help with fleas?

Find out whether essential oils can help with fleas and which ones to use.

Restore gut health after antibiotics

Find out how to restore the microbiome of your gut after taking antibiotics.

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Social media is one of the best ways to promote your wellness business. See our marketing materials page for social ads and posts you can use to promote ZYTO scanning for your business!

App updates

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We’ve made another update to enhance your ZYTO Link app experience. We hope you enjoy these new features:

  • Reports and Client Notes – You can now add notes directly on report pages that the remote user will be able to see. There is also an additional notes section on each client profile screen where you can add notes related to the client. The notes added here will not be shared with the client.
  • A prompt within the app has been added to remind users to download the most recent version of the app for the best experience.
  • Various UX/UI design updates and fixes.

Software updates


A new product company, Cellular Peptide, has been added to the ZYTO software library! You can add their products to your scanning selection by visiting the Library Manager in your Select, Elite, or EVOX software.

Link webinar series

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A recording of the third video in our Mastering ZYTO Link series is now available on YouTube. Watch to learn how the Link app compares to the ZYTO Balance software.


Giveaway for next webinar!

Don’t forget to register and attend our next Link webinar for your chance to win an amazing prize:

— Register to be automatically entered to win a 1-month Link subscription.
— Register and Attend for your chance to win a 1-year Link subscription.

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Next month: Top remedies for sciatica pain & more…

chiropractic adjustment - remedies for sciatic nerve pain

Next month we’ll share our top remedies for sciatica pain, answer the question of how many drops of essential oil to put into a diffuser, and more.

Make sure to follow us on social media for these topics and other health & wellness info.

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