6 Benefits of ZYTO EVOX

young man using EVOX perception reframing software

Our limiting beliefs and perceptions often keep us from getting what we truly want in life. The ZYTO EVOX is a perception reframing tool that assists with overcoming these limiting beliefs. As an example, a person may feel excessive guilt for something they’ve done in their past. The result of this guilt is that the […]

Balancer Spotlight: Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES)

3d image of brain neural activity

Do you spend nights tossing and turning, unable to sleep soundly? Do you struggle with pain, anxiety, or depression? Are you looking for natural, drug-free approaches to help you find relief and get back to feeling more like yourself?   Then you might be interested in cranial electrotherapy stimulation, or CES. A CES device is […]

8 Essential Chiropractic Tools (and Their Benefits)

chiropractic tools electrical muscle stimulation

While the core tools of all chiropractors are still their own hands and the various techniques they use for readjusting the spine, even the most skilled chiropractors also rely on a variety of tools and devices to further help clients maintain full and active lives. Here are 8 such popular chiropractic tools used by top […]

Using Neurofeedback at Home – 4 Options to Improve Health

man using neurofeedback at home

Neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback that teaches self-regulation of brain function by measuring brainwaves and providing a feedback signal. Traditionally, neurofeedback devices use electroencephalography (EEG) sensors on the scalp that measure the sensitive electrical activity of the brain. Using advanced software, this activity is then read and interpreted on the device into individual brainwave […]

How do I find a ZYTO scan near me?

google search on laptop for zyto scan near me

One question we get asked frequently is “where can I find a ZYTO scan near me.” Due to legal reasons, ZYTO can’t provide a list of our customers to the general public. However, there are a number of other ways you can find a wellness professional that offers ZYTO scanning.   1 – Do a […]

These High-Tech Dentist Tools Are Changing the Way Dentistry is Done

dentist talking to client in dental chair

When it comes to quality dental care, using state-of-the-art dental technology matters. With the advancements of technology, dental practitioners are presented with many options of high-tech tools that are providing better treatment and preventative care for patients.   These advanced dentist tools allow practitioners to work faster with better precision and help reduce the patient’s […]

Research Shows Stress Level Can Be Detected Using Galvanic Skin Response

stressed-out woman lying on the floor

Like so many things in life, stress is a double-edged sword. As an adaptive mechanism, stress keeps us alert and motivated, allowing us to achieve goals and stay safe from danger. However, when stress turns from an acute episode to a chronic condition, our health begins to suffer. Stress has been associated with a wide […]

Galvanic Skin Response – What Is It and What Does It Measure?

practitioner applying galvanic skin response sensors

The skin is an amazing and versatile organ. It’s not only smooth and often nice to look at, but also helps to regulate many functions of the body. It acts as a barrier against environmental threats, contains nerve cells that detect changes such as temperature and pressure, can heal itself, and (ideally) keeps your body […]

Using Biofeedback at Home – 5 Devices for Better Health

mobile device for biofeedback at home

Before the advent of the smartphone and portable biofeedback devices, biofeedback therapy was restricted to medical centers, hospitals, and clinics that used highly expensive and specialized equipment.   Nowadays, those interested in the medical and non-medical uses of biofeedback can reap the wide-ranging benefits of this mind/body tool in the privacy of their own homes. […]

What Does a Biofeedback Machine Do?

doctor connecting patient to emg biofeedback machine

Imagine if your car had no speedometer. You might have a basic idea of how fast you are going, by say, comparing your speed to other cars. However, without continuous, accurate feedback on your speed, it may be difficult to adjust to the ever-changing road environment.   In the same way, we can have a […]