ZYTO Biocommunication: Remembering the Future

Chinese doctor with tablet looking through old library

“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it,” is often quoted with regards to looking at the mistakes of the past. When considering Traditional Chinese Medicine, much of the ancient learning that was developed during the course of centuries that was good and effective has been forgotten, bringing new meaning to this quote. As the Chinese people rushed to implement the Western type of allopathic treatments, they quickly adopted this new form of medicine and unfortunately forgot much of their own ancient learning.


How ZYTO “remembers the future”

To ZYTO, “Remembering the Future” is a succinct way to illustrate a reintroduction of effective Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM, into a world that is beginning to struggle with some aspects of allopathic medicine. It is becoming more acceptable for people to look for more holistic ways to stay healthy and embrace this ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine. Fortunately, at ZYTO, we have the added advantage of modern technology to help.


A practitioner of ancient Chinese Medicine would study with a seasoned practitioner for decades to learn how to effectively implement TCM. Typically, it was the responsibility of the son to follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, learning the wisdom that had been obtained through lifetimes of medical practice. Because passing this information along to the next generation was a heavy investment in learning, it is easy to see how simple it would be to break the chain. Literally speaking, a single-generation gap would cause the loss of centuries of learning.


ZYTO biocommunication takes the wisdom of the ancient Chinese practitioners and blends it with the advantages of modern technology. This means that the wisdom of the ancients can literally be recalled without decades of learning. In fact, with the help of ZYTO technology, TCM can be effectively utilized by practitioners immediately.


Dr. Cook teaches at TCM University in Shanghai

Dr. Cook teaches practitioners at TCM University in China

In November of 2016, Dr. Vaughn R Cook, founder and CEO of ZYTO, was invited to lecture at a conference sponsored by TCM University in Shanghai. In his keynote address using a Chinese translator, Dr. Cook instructed Chinese doctors and practitioners about how to use this new technology to introduce TCM back into their culture and practices.


“This was like a homecoming of ancient wisdom,” said Dr. Cook. “I could feel that the concepts and insights that were being taught were more like remembering important things that were forgotten instead of an introduction of new concepts.”


Learning from the past with biocommunication

As the demand for ZYTO biocommunication technology expands to a worldwide audience, it is bringing new hope and alternatives to hopeless people that simply had become exhausted in their search for wellness.


At ZYTO, we say that those who learn from the past can benefit from and even enhance proven time-tested techniques. This is made possible because ZYTO drives ancient wisdom through modern technology.




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