How to Create a Thriving Wellness Practice – Part 2 of 2

doctor speaking to audience

In my last post, I discussed the first two keys that helped me build a six-figure wellness practice. In part 2, we’re taking a look at two more important areas that you need to master to take your business to the next level. They are reputation & referrals, and events & expos. Let’s dive right […]

9 Reasons to Attend a ZYTO Event

dr. vaughn r cook presenting on stage

ZYTO hosts regional events each year. In addition to various locations in the US, we have held events in New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, and Europe. Here are a few great reasons to join us at one of our upcoming events.   1. Find out what’s new at ZYTO Attending an event is your chance to […]

ZYTO Biocommunication: Remembering the Future

Chinese doctor with tablet looking through old library

“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it,” is often quoted with regards to looking at the mistakes of the past. When considering Traditional Chinese Medicine, much of the ancient learning that was developed during the course of centuries that was good and effective has been forgotten, bringing new meaning to […]