9 Reasons to Attend a ZYTO Regional Event in 2019


ZYTO is hosting several regional events in 2019. We already visited New Zealand and Australia so far this year, but there are more events coming to the United States and Europe. Here are a few great reasons to join us at one of these events this year.


1. Find out what’s new at ZYTO


Great things have happened at ZYTO in the last year. Attending an event is your chance to learn about what we’ve been doing and how it relates to you and your business.


Along with re-capping recent news, we will also be sharing an exciting new wellness initiative that you and your clients, family, and friends can participate in. Attend one of our events to get a FREE ZYTO Bandana, and you can start participating in this initiative for free throughout the year.


2. Convenient locations


zyto regional events banner march 2019


From Las Vegas to Bucharest, chances are that there is a ZYTO Regional Event at a location near you. Those who live in the west can join us for our Vegas event, and our east coast friends can see us in Washington DC. We also recently announced events in London, Amsterdam, and Bucharest.


Our regional event locations were chosen to save attendees time and money on travel expenses. You will likely be within a few hours’ drive of our US or Europe events. Or, if there is a destination farther from you that you’ve always wanted to visit, this is your excuse to get away!


To see the full list of events and agendas, visit zyto.com/events. Or, you can register for an event directly using the links below:


3. Hear from Dr. Vaughn Cook


Vaughn R Cook is the CEO & Founder of ZYTO and will be a main speaker at our regional events. One of the pioneers in energetic medicine, he is an innovator and skilled acupuncturist and Oriental Medical Doctor.


In addition to his knowledge and credentials, Dr. Cook also has an engaging personality that captivates audiences. Past attendees routinely say that hearing from and interacting with Dr. Cook was their favorite part of their ZYTO event experience.


4. Get hands-on software training



We’re excited to offer face-to-face training sessions for each of our professional software products at this year’s events. If you don’t own ZYTO software or you own a ZYTO Compass, you can learn about the basics of our Pro software and see the benefits of upgrading to the ZYTO Balance.


We’ll teach you how to become a pro at using our popular Balance software, and will also have in-depth training on our more advanced Select, Elite, and EVOX software. Our EVOX software specifically is available even if you don’t have practitioner credentials.


If you want to expand your capability using ZYTO software, you won’t want miss these instructional classes.


5. Learn how to market your ZYTO scanning services


ZYTO technology offers a great opportunity to bring in more clients and grow your practice or wellness business. Like many of our customers, however, you may be wondering how to successfully market ZYTO scanning along with your other services.


If you need help in this area, ZYTO has you covered. In addition to providing training for the Balance, Select, Elite, and EVOX software, we will also explain how to successfully market each of these products. With technical training combined with marketing tips, you’ll be able to maximize your potential with ZYTO technology so you can take your business to the next level.


6. Mingle with like-minded wellness professionals



Our regional events present a great opportunity to mingle with people in your field who think like you do. You’ll be able to network and learn from experts in the alternative health field, gaining connections and insights that you can apply to your own practice or business.


Recently, we opened up our conferences to network marketers, and the connections made between this group and practitioners have been remarkable. With access to the ZYTO Balance, network marketers can scan for services and refer out to chiropractors, acupuncturists, and other practitioners. This provides opportunities for all types of ZYTO customers to build synergy with each other.


7. Learn about energetic, functional, and emotional synergy


At ZYTO, we believe in looking at the body from multiple perspectives to obtain a full picture of wellness. Function, energy, and emotion provide a triangulated perspective of health and wellness. At our regional events, you’ll learn all about these 3 perspectives and how to apply them to your practice for greater success.


We’ll show you how EVOX perception reframing supports emotional health in a powerful and effective way. And, you’ll also learn about how our other software supports looking at health from a holistic perspective.


8. Get answers to your ZYTO questions



If you have questions about ZYTO technology, a regional event is the perfect place to get them answered in a face-to-face setting. Whether you’re an expert or know nothing about ZYTO technology, we’ll be there to answer your questions and help guide your business on the right path.


Additionally, by interacting with other professionals who use ZYTO, you can find out how they deal with the same problems you face. Take a look at our FAQs if you have any basic questions and come get additional answers you seek at the conference. We’re always more than happy to help you understand our company and our biocommunication technology.


9. It’s Free!


Another great benefit of attending a ZYTO Regional Event is that attendance is absolutely free. This includes a free catered lunch as well!


Remember that although these events are free of charge, seating is limited. Make sure to register now for an event near you to secure your seat. We can’t wait to see you there!