8 Unique Features of ZYTO Biocommunication Technology [with Infographic]

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As the global leader in biocommunication, ZYTO offers innovative wellness decision-support technology that no other company can match. Thousands of practitioners, network marketers, and other wellness professionals use our technology to help guide people on their personal wellness journeys. Here are just a few features of our biocommunication tools that make us unique in the industry.


1.      Our technology was created by Dr. Vaughn Cook

Dr. Vaughn R Cook is a pioneer in energy medicine with over 30 years of experience in the alternative health field. After working for the company that developed one of the first computer-based electrodermal screening systems, Dr. Cook went on to develop more advanced systems that made gathering information directly from the body quicker, easier, and more accurate.


The culmination of his efforts to integrate Western and Eastern medicine in a computer-based system was the creation of ZYTO Technologies in 2004. Since 2004, ZYTO has led the way in developing hardware and accompanying software systems that have helped facilitate better wellness decisions for thousands of people around the world.



2.      The ZYTO Hand Cradle is a Class II Medical Device cleared by the FDA

ZYTO works closely with the FDA to ensure that our products are 100% compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. The ZYTO Hand Cradle is the only wellness scanner of its kind that has been cleared by the FDA. This means that whether you are a practitioner, business owner, or client being scanned, you can be assured that our hardware is completely safe to use and effective.


The FDA defines galvanic skin response measurement devices like the Hand Cradle as any GSR device “used to determine autonomic responses as psychological indicators by measuring the electrical resistance of the skin and the tissue path between two electrodes applied to the skin.” The ZYTO Hand Cradle was cleared by the FDA as such a device in 2011, and those details can be found in our 510(k) Summary.


3.      The design of the ZYTO Hand Cradle ensures the most accurate results

Most electrodermal screening devices only have two points of contact to measure galvanic skin response. The ZYTO Hand Cradle, however, has 6 points of contact. Each contact point also has a large surface area, allowing the device to connect to several points on the skin. With more contact points and a larger surface area, the body’s galvanic skin response can be measured more thoroughly and accurately.


Many of our customers comment on the accuracy of the ZYTO system and how the information correlates with other tests and exams. With greater accuracy comes greater confidence in the products you use and recommend based on the responses.


8 unique zyto features infographic

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4.      ZYTO reports are customizable and easy to understand

The ZYTO software offers a multitude of reports designed to help wellness professionals discover correlations, patterns, and trends in the data. Available in the ZYTO Pro software, the Vectors Tab further helps professionals see the energetic relationships between organs, teeth, vertebrae, emotions, and traditional Chinese medicine meridians.


The information from a scan is also displayed in a way that’s easy for both the practitioner and client to understand. Many of the reports, such as the Wellness Report, educate clients on the importance of each specific area that was scanned.


In addition, ZYTO reports can be customized with a cover sheet displaying a business logo and other relevant clinic and client information. Advertisements and promotions specific to your business can also be added to this cover page attached to the selected reports you send home with clients.


5.      Our libraries have over 40,000 items that can be scanned

balancer and stressor icons

The ZYTO software contains thousands of digital signatures of actual items. These items include nutritional products and essential oils from more than 200 quality wellness companies. Additionally, the software can scan for more than 8,000 biomarkers, which are digital signatures that represent various parts and systems in the body.


Other items you can scan for with the ZYTO software include foods, wellness services, and external factors. Visit the What Can I Scan For page and Product Companies page to learn more about what items can be scanned with ZYTO.


6.      We offer a range of products to meet unique needs

Whether you’re looking for a simple out-of-the-box solution that can scan a chosen product line in minutes or want the flexibility to choose from all the items in our software and run your own manual scans, we have an option that will fit your specific needs.


The ZYTO software is designed to be flexible enough to be easily integrated no matter the type of clinic or business you run. Features designed to meet various needs include pre-built scans, remote scanning, customizable reports, and a customizable library. View our Product Comparison page to learn more about each product we offer and how it compares to others.


7.      We offer perception reframing technology in addition to GSR scanning

EVOX practitioner with client

At ZYTO, we believe that wellness consists not only of physical health, but also emotional health. Shortly after creating our products that mainly address physical wellness through GSR scanning, we developed and released the EVOX system to further address the emotional aspect of health.


Our emotions are related to our perceptions, which consist of our beliefs and the way we see the world. The EVOX addresses these perceptions through voice analysis. By simply talking about a topic, voice frequencies can be measured and compared to the ideal perception of the topic, and from there we can output information that helps an individual reframe, or expand, their perception of that topic.


The EVOX software can be integrated with our other software so you can address both the physical and emotional side of wellness with your clients. No other similar provider in the industry offers this unique combination.


8.      Our advanced software has flexible scanning options

Each step up in our software offers increased scanning flexibility. The Compass allows you to scan key biomarkers and an entire product line. The Balance adds additional key biomarkers, reports that include all the biomarker responses, and the ability to customize your inventory, scan for services, and scan clients remotely.


With the Select and Elite, you’ll have access to scan for any of the products or biomarkers in our libraries. You can also scan for foods, external factors, and other items such as lifestyle choices and affirmation statements. The Select and Elite both offer prebuilt scans that still allow you to choose what items to scan. The Elite, however, offers manual scanning so you can create and re-use your own scans, offering the ultimate flexibility for your practice.


Multiple scans are available to support perception reframing with EVOX as well, including a biosurvey that allows you to scan items you place in your EVOX inventory.




seth photoAbout Seth Morris
Seth Morris is an experienced article writer with a background in marketing, Web content creation, and health research. In addition to writing and editing content for the ZYTO website and blog, he has written hundreds of articles for various websites on topics such as holistic wellness, health technology, and Internet marketing. Seth has earned Bachelor’s Degrees in Business Management as well as Literary Studies.



The information provided in this article is intended to improve, not replace, the direct relationship between the client (or site visitor) and healthcare professionals.

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