8 Essential Chiropractic Tools (and Their Benefits)

chiropractic tools electrical muscle stimulation

While the core tools of all chiropractors are still their own hands and the various techniques they use for readjusting the spine, even the most skilled chiropractors also rely on a variety of tools and devices to further help clients maintain full and active lives. Here are 8 such popular chiropractic tools used by top […]

How do I find a ZYTO scan near me?

google search on laptop for zyto scan near me

One question we get asked frequently is “where can I find a ZYTO scan near me.” Due to legal reasons, ZYTO can’t provide a list of our customers to the general public. However, there are a number of other ways you can find a wellness professional that offers ZYTO scanning.   1 – Do a […]

5 Secrets for Leveraging ZYTO in Your Practice

male practitioner consulting female client in office

A few years ago, I was at a practitioner’s retreat with some other wellness practitioners that I have become great friends with over the years. I noticed that some of these practitioners who were better than me at healing still lived paycheck to paycheck with their businesses while I was experiencing 6-figure success. I realized […]

Iridology – 5 Things Your Eyes Can Tell You about Your Health

closeup of woman's eyes with blue iris

Iridology is a scientific study of the iris, the colored portion of the eye. In reflexology, there are different parts and different markings on the foot that are related to different organs of the body. Iridology is similar to this modality in that certain zones and markings correspond with certain areas of the body.   […]

9 Ways to Improve Patient Experience & Satisfaction

practitioner going over results with patient

Whether you are a physician, nutritionist, therapist, chiropractor, herbalist, or any other type of practitioner with your own practice, you probably have the same goal: to provide quality care to your patients and to conduct a successful business at the same time.   Today, there is no shortage of options for patients when choosing their […]

What Is Telemedicine – And Why It’s Here to Stay [with Infographic]

what is telemedicine concept - laptop with virtual doctor on screen

Telemedicine has experienced a dramatic increase throughout the world in the wake of the recent pandemic. At ZYTO, we’ve witnessed this growth firsthand as we received and shipped out a record number of Remote Hand Cradles to our customers. ZYTO Remote and other similar telehealth technologies help healthcare professionals assess patients without risking exposure, whether […]

10 Acupuncture Tools that Enhance Client Care

doctor treating patient with electroacupuncture

Being an acupuncturist requires a tremendous amount of education and experience. But this type of practitioner can only be effective if they have the right tools as well. This of course includes the basics: acupuncture needles, guide tubes, etc. However, there are a host of other tools that acupuncturists use to improve client care even […]

Holistic Solutions for Acne

woman with acne and clear skin before and after

Acne is the most common skin condition. It is estimated that 80% of people between ages 11 and 30 have acne outbreaks at some point.1 This condition not only affects appearance, but can also cause oily skin as well as skin that is painful or hot when touched.   What causes acne? Acne is a […]

What Can Electrodermal Activity Measurements Tell You?

electrodermal activity sensors on hand

Electricity is everywhere. It’s in the air, it’s deep inside the earth, and it’s even in our bodies. Our cells conduct electrical currents, and electricity is needed for the body and the brain to communicate.   The skin also conducts electricity in the body. Thanks to scientific advancements, variations in the electrical characteristics of the […]

How to Create a Thriving Wellness Practice – Part 2 of 2

doctor speaking to audience

In my last post, I discussed the first two keys that helped me build a six-figure wellness practice. In part 2, we’re taking a look at two more important areas that you need to master to take your business to the next level. They are reputation & referrals, and events & expos. Let’s dive right […]