What Will Wellness Look Like in 2030?

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Recently, the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute in collaboration with the Global Wellness Institute identified 5 trends that will shape the future of the wellness industry. Not surprisingly, most of the trends involve the continued integration of technology into our lives. According to the research, we will be better able to “hack” our happiness in the future thanks to advancements such as real-time data portraits and artificial intelligence.1 Here’s a quick look at the key advancements and how they will change the landscape of health and wellness.


1. Data selfies

One of the 5 trends in this eye-opening report is the concept of data selfies. For several years now, wearable devices have gathered data about our heart rates, how many calories we burn, and even our galvanic skin response.2 This and other data will be gathered to create “digital selfies” of individuals. Our digital doubles will be recognizable to machines and therefore will be able to be decoded for enhanced well-being.


2. Biofeedback

Another key trend identified in this report is that our smartphones will be able to use data to understand our behavior patterns and recognize our emotions in real time. Technologies that determine these states and behaviors that could be attached to apps include facial recognition, voice recognition, and biometric sensors. In turn, apps will be capable of communicating our emotional state and making recommendations for improving our well-being in real time.


3. Predicting emotions with AI

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The opportunities artificial intelligence brings to the table are pretty amazing, and this includes within the wellness industry. Specifically, AI related to emotions (called artificial emotional intelligence, or AEI) will help us be more self-aware so we can make smarter decisions. AEI will also help educate us faster and better, increase our empathy, and even help us make better buying decisions that increase our well-being. Say goodbye to buyer’s remorse!


ZYTO and the future of wellness

If you use or know about ZYTO technology, the trends summarized above and others in the Wellness 2030 report will be familiar to you. ZYTO analyzes the body’s reaction to digitized items to help individuals make better decisions. We are also able to analyze the voice to get a true picture of the emotions behind perceptions, and then reframe those perceptions subconsciously.


ZYTO has been a leader in the convergence of wellness and technology for a number of years, and in the coming years we will see this approach gain more momentum. While there will certainly still be a need for practitioners and wellness professionals in the future, well-being will begin to transition out of the doctor’s office and make its way to the palm of your hand.3


While technologies such as AI and biohacking may raise some additional ethical concerns that will need to be addressed, we’re excited about the future of wellness and the opportunities to find greater happiness in our lives through technological advancements. With these advancements comes the opportunity to be more proactive in our well-being and overcome our limitations.




seth photoAbout Seth Morris
Seth Morris is an experienced article writer with a background in marketing, Web content creation, and health research. In addition to writing and editing content for the ZYTO website and blog, he has written hundreds of articles for various websites on topics such as holistic wellness, health technology, and Internet marketing. Seth has earned Bachelor’s Degrees in Business Management as well as Literary Studies.





1. “Wellness 2030: The New Techniques of Happiness.” Global Wellness Institute. Globalwellnessinstitute.org.

2. Peake, J.M., G. Kerr, & J.P. Sullivan. “A Critical Review of Consumer Wearables, Mobile Applications, and Equipment for Providing Feedback, Monitoring Stress, and Sleep in Physically Active Populations.” Frontiers in Physiology 9 (2018): 743.

3. “Trend report: the future of health, fitness and wellness.” Jim Carroll. Jimcarroll.com.



The information provided in this article is intended to improve, not replace, the direct relationship between the client (or site visitor) and healthcare professionals.

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