Do Essential Oils Expire?

essential oils in wooden box on wood table

Do you have lavender, peppermint, or other essential oils and have found yourself asking the question: do essential oils expire?   The answer to this question is yes. While certain essential oils can last for several years, they all eventually lose their potency and expire.   Read on to learn why essential oils expire, how […]

17 Best Wellness Apps in 2023

happy woman using wellness app

Mobile wellness apps are taking the world by storm with their innovative solutions to the health and wellness challenges many of us face in our daily lives.   Whether you’re looking for an app to help you choose healthy foods when eating out, guide you through home workout routines, help you drift off to sleep, […]


Bacteria are single-celled microorganisms that are found in virtually every environment on Earth. They are among the simplest forms of life and are often referred to as prokaryotes, as they lack a true nucleus and other membrane-bound organelles.   Bacteria are capable of carrying out a wide range of biochemical reactions, including photosynthesis, fermentation, and […]

Balancer Spotlight – Sunlight Exposure

young woman getting sunlight exposure on boat

It’s estimated that 1 billion people worldwide are deficient in vitamin D, while 50% of the population has insufficient vitamin D levels.1 This is concerning, as a lack of vitamin D is linked to many conditions including osteoporosis, mood disorders, and autoimmune diseases.   While it’s available in certain foods and supplements, the best way […]

Are essential oils flammable?

are essential oils flammable - eo bottles next to candles

Essential oils are concentrated extracts of plants such as flowers, leaves, or roots. The fact that it can take a large quantity of plants to produce a small bottle makes essential oils highly potent. But while this potency has many potential benefits, it can also lead to some concerns about safety. One of these concerns […]

The Human Energy Field – What is it and what is it’s role in health & wellness?

human energy field aura

Dozens of cultures throughout the ages have believed in the existence of an energy field that surrounds and penetrates the body. The ancient people of India named this energy prana. The ancient Chinese called it qi. Jewish and Christian teachings also make reference to this mysterious field. While critics may label these beliefs as ancient […]

Can Eating Too Many Vegetables Be Unhealthy?

basket containing wide variety of vegetables

Conventional wisdom suggests that we need to eat more, not less vegetables. And while no one can deny the importance of vegetables in a diet, there may be such a thing as having too much of a good thing.   With the growing popularity of green smoothies, it’s now easier for many people to go […]

Bioenergetic Testing – What is it and how can it help?

balanced stone on pebbled beach

Most people understand the value of tests that analyze their blood, saliva, and urine but are not so sure about what bioenergetic testing is or how it can assist their health.   Just as traditional tests analyze the cellular and chemical components of the body, bioenergetic testing provides another layer of insight by measuring the […]

Acupuncturist Salary – How much does an acupuncturist make?

Male Acupuncturist Treating Female Patient

If you’re considering a career as an acupuncturist, you’re probably interested in learning about how much you can earn in this field. The truth is that earnings for an acupuncturist vary widely due to many factors. However, the data we’ve compiled from different sources can give you a fairly good idea of the range and […]

Choosing the Best Essential Oils for You

young woman searching for best essential oils in store

Whether you’re just starting out on your essential oils journey and don’t know where to begin or are just looking for additional information about how to choose the best oils for yourself and others, you’ve come to the right place.   In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at all the factors you should […]

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