The Holistic Wellness Triad: Function, Energy, and Emotion

holistic wellness triad

There are roughly 50 trillion cells that make up the human body. But in addition to all those cells, our bodies are home to approximately 500 trillion microbes. This means that your body isn’t just you, but a community of organisms. It’s true that you’re the anchor tenant, but you have 10 times more “roommates” than cells.  Because these microbes and other outside factors influence your health, it’s helpful to look at the body from multiple points of view.


Consider 3 different perspectives: functional, energetic, and emotional. At ZYTO, we refer to these 3 areas as the triad of health, or the holistic wellness triad. Similar to other models of holistic wellness, each side of this triangle is critical for maintaining optimal health. Let’s take a look at each of these areas and why they are so important.



As the word function implies, this has to do with how the body works. But it’s more than the function of each part; it’s how the parts are related and how they work together.  From the functional perspective, health challenges are seen as a breakdown in the way the parts are cooperating.


For example, if you are experiencing chronic diarrhea, the functional view goes beyond the symptom—it considers the entire digestive process in search for the underlying cause.



Energy is a little-understood and much-ignored component of health and wellness. Energy flows through your body in an organized way, just like blood does, and it’s as much a part of anatomy as body fluids and tissue.


The Chinese developed traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM, and part of that has to do with energetic points and channels, or meridians. These points, called acupuncture points, are organized on meridians, and each meridian is named for the organ to which it is most closely connected.


Additionally, your vertebrae and teeth have energetic connections to specific organs and body parts. For example, the liver and the gallbladder are connected to the cuspid teeth.


Measuring the body’s energy and understanding how it relates to proper function provides a leading-edge perspective. This is because energy leads, and the rest of anatomy follows. In other words, an energetic response may reveal something that hasn’t presented physically.



Emotion is the feeling part of our experience. Emotions don’t just appear out of thin air; they have predictable relationships to everything functional and energetic. The chemical origin of emotions are peptides, formed from amino acids. Specific peptides have an affinity to specific emotions and specific organs. That’s why in TCM, certain emotions are attributed to certain organs (anger and the liver is an example).


Emotions are the body’s way of communicating with the conscious mind. As things change physically, we don’t get a phone call and hear the body saying, “Your progesterone level is rising.” We feel the difference, often as an emotion. Admittedly, emotional messages are sometimes hard to decipher and hard to deal with. That’s because we may not know how to connect the dots between feelings, function, and energy.


The other aspect of emotion is perception. The way we perceive life’s experiences determines in large part how we feel. And how we feel creates physical changes, for better or for worse. Changing your perception can change your emotions and your life.


Because emotions are so deeply embedded in our physical bodies, they are important clues when solving a health puzzle and are often the linchpin to success.


Holistic wellness

Function, energy, and emotion provide us a triangulated perspective, a triad of holistic wellness and health. By viewing health from these 3 directions, we can more quickly identify ways to improve life and make our body community a happier place to live.


ZYTO technology supports these 3 perspectives in a number of ways. By looking at data from a ZYTO bioscan, we can identify patterns that correlate between energetic, functional, and emotional areas; and with EVOX perception reframing, we can positively impact emotional wellness. ZYTO technology is designed to help us live healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives.




Dr. Vaughn Cook ZYTOAbout Dr. Vaughn Cook
Dr. Vaughn R Cook is the Founder & CEO of ZYTO. An Oriental Medical Doctor (OMD) and licensed acupuncturist, he has worked in the complementary and alternative medical field for more than 30 years, specializing in applications that integrate Western and Eastern medicine.



The information provided in this article is intended to improve, not replace, the direct relationship between the client (or site visitor) and healthcare professionals.

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