How to Create a Thriving Wellness Practice – Part 1 of 2


When I started my practice in Wisconsin seven years ago, nobody knew who I was or what I did. I had absolutely zero network. I was basically like, “Hi, I’m new here. I do something weird. Can I help you?”


But in over 7 years of being in practice, I’ve experienced consistent and continued growth. I did just shy of $50,000 in my first year, and in my second year I broke six figures. This year, I’m projected to do about $800,000.


I currently teach fellow practitioners the same systems and strategies I’ve used to attain this growth. So I’m happy to share 4 keys that have helped me create a thriving wellness practice and that can do the same for you. In this post, we’ll take a look at the first two keys that are essential for success: shifting your mindset about money and attracting your ideal clients.


Shift your mindset about money


The number-one roadblock to a successful practice is that either the practitioner, the client, or both have some kind of block about money. Practitioners tend to give away too much for free or at a discount. They undervalue their knowledge, expertise, experience, and investment in infrastructure and make assumptions about what a client can or won’t pay.


growing your practice concept- dollar bills in soil


Money is to your wellness practice what water is to the body. It is the nutrient that you die the fastest without. If you start to look at money as a nutrient that nourishes your practice versus something that you take from your practice, a mindset shift happens when it comes to your pricing, your programs, and everything else.


So, the first step to a successful practice is to embrace money as a vital nutrient. I want you to embrace the nutrient and get rid of that whole mindset that money is the root of all evil. Because the healthier your practice is, the more you can help others. You can invest in the infrastructure that you want. You can invest in the front-desk person to help you out so you have more time to see more people. And so on.


Once you see money as a way to nourish your practice so you can enjoy your life and develop your dream practice, the universe is going to comply with your vibration. You will begin to find out what I did in my practice—that people are willing to invest if they understand the value of what you can do for them.


Make this mindset shift a priority for you and then watch the magic happen!


Attract your ideal clients


happy female client at front desk of practitioner's office


When it comes to the success of your practice, it’s critical that the messages you send are attracting not just any client, but your ideal client.


To start attracting ideal clients, I want you to think about someone who you are excited to see and you love to work with. Some characteristics I hear from practitioners consistently is that they show up on time, pay up front, and are willing to change.


The following 5 questions will help you get a clear idea of the types of clients you want to serve and how to market your practice to them.


  1. Who do you want to serve?
    • What are your favorite types of clients?
    • Do they have a specific condition or specific personality trait?
  2. How do you want to serve?
    • What is it that you love to do?
    • Do you have parts of your practice that you don’t really love?
  3. What makes your heart sing?
    • Does whatever you’re doing fulfill you and your employees?
  4. What are you really good at?
    • Are you awesome at digestion, hormone imbalance, fertility?
  5. What are the outcomes that you create?
    • Better sleep, more energy, better digestion, emotional balance?

Once you have clear answers to these questions, you can start focusing on what you care about, what you are really good at, and market to that. Then you will start attracting people you really love to work with and that really love to work with you.


Additionally, remember along the way that whether you are creating marketing materials or talking to clients, you want to always be talking about the amazing outcomes you create. I’ve learned that clients don’t necessarily care about your processes or protocols. What they really care about is the end result, so make sure you are always focusing on that.


Get started on these two areas and in Part 2 I’ll discuss the next two steps that can really take your practice to the next level.



About Dr. Patti Bartsch
Patti Bartsch turned her part-time wellness practice into a full-time practice and is now on track to hit $1 million in sales, without the help of a business loan. Today, she helps navigate practitioners to success by using the road maps, systems, and strategies perfected in her practice. To learn more, visit Patti’s website,