How to Create a Thriving Wellness Practice – Part 2 of 2

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In my last post, I discussed the first two keys that helped me build a six-figure wellness practice. In part 2, we’re taking a look at two more important areas that you need to master to take your business to the next level. They are reputation & referrals, and events & expos. Let’s dive right in!


Rock Reputation and Referrals

A critical component of a thriving wellness practice is to grow your reputation and get your ideal clients referring other similar clients to you.


One of the best ways to do this is to talk about yourself and your credentials in your initial consultation. You’re often asking clients to spend a significant amount of money on you, so you absolutely want to make sure that you’re talking about yourself. Take about 2-5 minutes with each client and talk about:

  • Your credentials and qualifications
  • Your journey
  • Numbers if appropriate (how long you’ve been practicing, etc.)
  • A personal experience that creates a connection

So, for example, you could say something like “I’ve been in practice for 5 years. Prior to that I was an accountant but I didn’t find that work fulfilling so I followed my passion and earned a degree in wellness. Since then I’ve helped over 1,000 people on their wellness journey.”


Another way to increase your reputation and credibility is to speak at local events. We have 3 communities where I live that offer community education classes, and I teach classes for people who are willing to pay a few bucks to come here. I’m rolling these people into wellness consultations. They’re coming in for wellness services here at my office. So it’s been very effective.


Something else I’ve found to be effective is reaching out to influential members in your community. In one of my podcasts, I talked about how I collaborated with, of all things, a financial advisor for a really successful event.


And then, lastly, when you have a successful outcome with a client, it’s a perfect opportunity to ask for a testimonial. Taking advantage of those opportunities will help you increase your reputation and spread the word about your practice even more.


Host Effective Events and Expos

man sharing info with woman at exhibition stand

Have you ever invested in a wellness event or given a wellness presentation and not gotten any clients from it? I promise you that everyone can answer yes to this question at some point in their career. And over the years, I’ve discovered some great tips about maximizing these events for your practice.


First, let’s go over some things you should definitely avoid at events and expos:

  • Do not dress too casually (dress one level above the people that are going to be there)
  • Do not sit down (unless you’re running a ZYTO scan)
  • Do not ask “yes or no” questions
  • Do not abandon your booth with a bunch of literature on it
  • Do not give out candy if you’re a wellness professional
  • Do not forget about your vendor neighbors (give them a scan)
  • Do not spend too much time with any one person

As far as the do’s, I would recommend using ZYTO at every event you attend. I’ve used ZYTO technology at live events ever since I got it. I run a basic scan on people who come to my booth. I briefly go over their report and then I’ll email it to them and then they can follow up with me if they have more questions. This creates amazing opportunities for lead generation. And then, afterwards, you can also follow up with an irresistible, time-sensitive offer. For example, $20 off an initial consultation if you book within the next two weeks.



In summary, following these tips can take your business to a new level just as it did for my practice. Just implement these tips below and you’ll be well on your way to a thriving practice.

  • Embrace money as a vital nutrient that sustains your practice.
  • Focus on connecting to people you love to work with.
  • Get clear on the amazing outcomes you create.
  • Build a strong reputation.
  • Connect with your ideal clients through events and expos.
  • Use ZYTO technology to its full potential.


About Dr. Patti Bartsch
Patti Bartsch turned her part-time wellness practice into a full-time practice and is now on track to hit $1 million in sales. Today, she helps navigate practitioners to success by using the road maps, systems, and strategies perfected in her practice. To learn more, visit Patti’s website,




The information provided in this article is intended to improve, not replace, the direct relationship between the client (or site visitor) and healthcare professionals.

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