What is Being Displayed?

Learn what kind of information is displayed and how to access, edit, and visualize ZYTO reports.

Accessing reports

After a scan is completed, most biosurveys automatically generate a report in the Reports tab. This report allows you to access and share the data in various ways.


Many biosurveys offer a variety of reports. Some are better suited to share with your clients, while others are meant for clinical reference only. Find these alternative reports under the Select Reports drop-down menu.


Once a report has loaded, you can print using the PDF toolbar interface.


Send a copy of the report to your client or colleague without wasting paper. Email settings from within the software allow you to use any desktop or browser-based email service you prefer.


Reports are stored and accessible at any time. Simply open the desired client session and choose the Report tab.

View sample reports

“The reports can give the ‘aha’ to both the doctor and the client. And that information is what is going to help us bring people on their journey to wellness.”

– Nick Lamothe, PhD

Standard Report

EVOX Report

Foods Scan Report

Editing reports

Reports display information in a preformatted layout, but it’s easy to add your own custom touches.

Clinic Information

Brand the reports you give to your clients with your clinic information.

Return Appointment

Help clients remember their next appointment by including it in the report header.

Custom Design

Customize the reports to take your branding further and maximize your client’s report experience.

Visualizing reports

Learning to “see” the body’s responses begins by understanding how ZYTO gathers and organizes the data. Familiarize yourself with common report displays, what information is represented, and how it is plotted.

Dynamic Profile shows Virtual Items at a glance

The Dynamic Profile plots the body’s initial energetic responses to stressor Virtual Items. This comprehensive display provides a quick overview of more extreme responses.

3d body graphic triple warmer meridian qi concept

Bar charts compare individual Virtual Items

Bar charts are most commonly used to compare a collection of Virtual Items that share some kind of relationship. In most cases, the initial response of each Virtual Item is plotted as an absolute value.

balance categories report page sample

Lists sort Virtual Item measurements

Lists are used to display Virtual Item responses in a variety of ways, including positive, negative, in-range, or out-of-range dR values.

tcm meridian chart in zyto advanced report

Progress charts show cumulative effect

Progress charts display what affect Virtual Items (often nutritional product VIs) had on out-of-range readings. It is common to see out-of-range items come into range as each balancer Virtual Item is introduced to the body.

zyto report - product re-scan responses

The value of Vectors

The Vectors page is an interactive tool meant to identify some of the energetic relationships throughout the body. This tool is available in all ZYTO Pro 5.0 software.

triple warmer meridian energetic vectors zyto chart

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