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Watch the video to learn more about running your remote scan.
Connect & Run Your Remote Scan
  1. Open email invite from your wellness professional.
  2. Select the Complete Your Scan
  3. Follow the steps to create your Free account.
  4. Download and Install the app from the app store.
  5. Open the app and select Sign In.
  6. Select the Z button to begin the scan
  7. Sit comfortably and hold the phone at the same level as your face, centering your face within the circle.
  8. The scan analyzes blood-flow patterns in your face to determine heart rate, heart rate variability, breathing rate, skin age, and mental stress. Your responses to various biomarkers representing body systems, lifestyle factors, and emotions are measured during the 30-second scan as well.
  9. After the scan, you will see the Reports Summary screen showing an overview of all your responses. Click on a tile for more information about each measurement.
  10. At the bottom of the screen, select Systems for more detail about each system and the specific biomarkers scanned.
  11. Select Products to see your top 5 products that bring the out-of-range biomarkers back into range.
  12. Select Services to see wellness services that provide additional support.
  13. Your wellness professional will be notified to review your report so they can advise you further.

The videos below explain what you’ll see in your ZYTO Link scan reports and how to interpret the data.

Report Summary

  1. The Report Summary is an overview of all the measurements taken during the scan.
  2. Select a square for more information about each measurement: Biomarkers, Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Breathing Rate, Skin Age, and Mental Stress Index.
  3. Biomarkers shows the overall responses of all body system, lifestyle, and emotion biomarkers. Out-of-range biomarkers are biomarkers that require support to bring back into range.
  4. You can see more details about the biomarkers scanned by selecting the Systems icon at the bottom of the screen. You can also see the body’s top Products and Services by selecting those icons at the bottom of the screen.

Systems Report

  1. Select the Systems icon at the bottom of the report screen.
  2. Select a system section to see total in-range vs. total out-of-range biomarkers, a list of top products for that system, and the specific biomarker responses.
    1. Vertical bar = Baseline range
    2. Gray past vertical bar = Out of range
    3. Pay attention to the highest out-of-range numbers
  3. Your wellness professional will advise you on any products they recommend from this report in addition to selected products in the Products report.

Products Report

  1. Select the Products icon at the bottom of the reports screen. This report shows your top 5 products and how many biomarkers each one brings into range.
  2. Select a product for more information: dosage, related systems, indications, specific biomarkers brought into range.
  3. Your wellness professional will provide further guidance and add specific products to your cart to optimize your wellness.
  4. Once your wellness professional has added their recommended products to your report, you can purchase them by opening the shopping cart and selecting the purchase link.

Services Report

  1. The Link library includes services that require a visit to a specialist as well as lifestyle-based items that don’t require a specialist to provide.
  2. The Services Report show the body’s top services and how many biomarkers each one brings into range.
  3. Select a Service to see more details: description & specific biomarkers brought into range.
  4. Like the Systems and Products Reports, your wellness professional may recommend specific services from this report as well.

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