5 Questions for Out-of-Range ZYTO Scan Responses

wellness professional reviewing zyto report with client

ZYTO biocommunication is not diagnostic, but is designed to help you ask better, more relevant questions related to a person’s wellness. With this technology, one key area to consider in relation to a person’s wellness is which Virtual Items appear as out of range on the ZYTO scan report.   Looking at one out-of-range Virtual […]

9 Reasons to Attend a ZYTO Event

dr. vaughn r cook presenting on stage

ZYTO hosts regional events each year. In addition to various locations in the US, we have held events in New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, and Europe. Here are a few great reasons to join us at one of our upcoming events.   1. Find out what’s new at ZYTO Attending an event is your chance to […]

What Are Stressor and Balancer Virtual Items?

stressors and balancers

What are the differences in stressor and balancer Virtual Items and how are they used in the ZYTO software? Our tech guru Andrew Schvaneveldt breaks it down in this video so you can start analyzing ZYTO report data like a pro.     Video Transcription – What Are Stressor and Balancer Virtual Items? Have you […]