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Join us for monthly webinars to learn more about general health and wellness, or weekly webinars to learn how ZYTO technology works, how it can help build your business, and tips for understanding reports!

Monthly Wellness Webinars

Iridology: What the Eye Can Reveal about Your Health - March 3, 10:00 A.M. MST

Sandra O’Connell, ND

The eyes are not only the “windows to the soul,” but can also provide valuable information about the state of a person’s health. Join naturopath and iridologist Sandra O’Connell to discover how iridology works, what it can tell you about your health, and more!



Monthly Select/Elite & EVOX Webinars  (For English speakers residing outside the US and Canada)

Highlights of the ZYTO Select & Elite

  • Using the Select/Elite to gain health insights
  • Examining stressor Virtual Items to obtain a wellness picture
  • Understanding balancers and biological coherence
  • Exploring homeopathic capabilities
  • Scanning and potentizing auxiliary items


Highlights of the ZYTO EVOX

  • Understanding perceptions and how they’re reframed
  • How EVOX supports transitioning of emotional blockages
  • Exploring EVOX biosurveys
  • Using emotional scans and flower remedies
  • Adding products to inventory


Weekly Compass & Balance Webinars

Highlights of the ZYTO Compass and Balance

  • Explanation of the ZYTO Compass and Balance
  • How ZYTO technology can prioritize product choices
  • Achieving more with ZYTO technology
  • Reviewing Compass and Balance reports

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Introduction to the ZYTO Balance

  • How the Balance will help grow your business
  • How the Balance will help you know know which products to recommend
  • How to read the Balance reports
  • How ZYTO technology works
  • Pricing and referral bonus

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Getting Started with Your ZYTO Balance

  • Setting up your inventory
  • Starting a client session
  • Running a biosurvey
  • Interpreting the report
  • Applying the information for your clients

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