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Join us for monthly webinars to learn more about general health and wellness, or weekly webinars to learn how ZYTO technology works, how it can help build your business, and tips for understanding reports!

Monthly Wellness Webinars

Top 5 Secrets to Leverage ZYTO Technology in Your Wellness Practice - May 5, 10:00 A.M. MDT

Patti Bartsch, PhD, MA, CCT

Wondering how you can get the most out of ZYTO technology? In this webinar, naturopath and business coach Patti Bartsch will explain how she used ZYTO as a foundation to develop a high 6-figure wellness practice. Register for this webinar today and join Dr. Bartsch to learn:

  • The #1 mistake ZYTO professionals make when talking about the technology
  • The critical piece that is missing from many initial consultations
  • Why Free is a 4-letter word
  • When, why, and how to NOT recommend products that come up in the report
  • Exactly how you can expand your client base fast

Weekly Compass & Balance Webinars

Highlights of the ZYTO Compass and Balance

  • Explanation of the ZYTO Compass and Balance
  • How ZYTO technology can prioritize product choices
  • Achieving more with ZYTO technology
  • Reviewing Compass and Balance reports

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Introduction to the ZYTO Balance

  • How the Balance will help grow your business
  • How the Balance will help you know know which products to recommend
  • How to read the Balance reports
  • How ZYTO technology works
  • Pricing and referral bonus

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Getting Started with Your ZYTO Balance

  • Setting up your inventory
  • Starting a client session
  • Running a biosurvey
  • Interpreting the report
  • Applying the information for your clients

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