Stressor Spotlight – Small Intestine

3d graphic of small intestine

The small intestine, also called the small bowel, is a vital part of the digestive tract.   It is where most of our digestion takes place, and it helps us to break down food and absorb nutrients.   In order to support good digestive health, and overall health as well, it’s important to take good […]

Stressor Spotlight – Large Intestine

3d graphic of large intestine

The large intestine is an important organ involved in digestion. For good overall health, we need our entire digestive tract, including the large intestine, to be functioning optimally.   Here’s everything you need to know about the large intestine, signs of large intestine issues, and how to keep your large intestine healthy.   Large intestine […]

Stressor Spotlight: Anger

lava profile graphic of angry man

We all feel anger from time to time. You might get mad when your friends cancel plans at the last minute, your blood might boil when you think about an injustice in the world, or maybe you get frustrated and angry when your partner leaves dirty dishes around the house.   It’s normal to experience […]

Balancer Spotlight: TMJ Therapy

practitioner doing tmj therapy on young girl

For most people, second-nature actions like chewing, talking, and laughing are things we can do without even thinking about it. But for some people with a condition called TMJ disorder, these simple acts can be difficult and actually cause a lot of pain.   Let’s take a look at what TMJ is and how you […]

Balancer Spotlight – Prayer and Meditation

young woman praying in forest

If you’ve ever said a prayer or sat and meditated, then you have likely experienced the sense of calm and comfort that can come from these kinds of practices. That’s because prayer and meditation actually positively influence the brain and body—helping us to feel more relaxed, centered, and at ease physically and mentally.   Both […]

Balancer Spotlight – Crystal Healing

woman holding crystal in hands

Have you ever seen crystals around, such as in a yoga class, in a local boutique, on jewelry, or in a friend’s windowsill, and wondered what they were all about?   Crystals don’t just look pretty, and they also aren’t just a popular trend in new-age, alternative, and spiritual-based practices. Crystals are believed to have […]

Stressor Spotlight: Impatience

writing "i want it now" on a card

Due to modern-day technology and other conveniences, people are more impatient than ever.   We live in a world of instant gratification, where it’s easy to obtain information, stream movies, send messages, video chat, and more. Because of this, many of us expect that everything should get done instantly, and waiting seems irritating and intolerable. […]

Balancer Spotlight – Chakra Balancing

chakras shown on woman meditating in the woods

If you’ve ever been in a yoga class, tried complementary therapies like Reiki, or experimented with various types of meditation, then you have likely come across the word “chakra” before. Perhaps you’ve even been given advice to open your chakras or work on a specific chakra.   But what exactly are chakras? And what do […]

Stressor Spotlight: Serotonin

magnifying glass on serotonin information paper

Serotonin is a key neurotransmitter and hormone that performs a variety of important functions in the body. In this stressor spotlight, we’ll take a closer look at the importance of serotonin in the body and explain the causes, symptoms, and treatments for imbalanced serotonin levels.   What is serotonin? Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that bind […]

Balancer Spotlight: Cell Salt Therapy

cell salt homeopathics and minerals on table

Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc are essential for our health and wellness. But even if we get enough of these essential minerals in our diet, the body can still have issues with absorbing them. To be effective, minerals need to be absorbed into our tissues. This is where cell salts come in. […]