Digestion Biosurvey

The Digestion Biosurvey scans for key organs, hormones, bacteria, and other items related to digestion to support improved gut health.


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The digestive system has a large influence on how the body and mind function. Because there are millions of neurons in the intestinal lining, the gut is often referred to as the body’s “second brain.”

From your hormones to your heart, everything in your body needs the nutrients from the digestive process to work correctly. The Digestion Biosurvey addresses this critical system that plays such a significant role in the body’s overall health and wellness

Identify a wide range of digestive stressors

The Digestion Biosurvey begins with the scanning of primary digestive stressor Virtual Items such as modified organs, glands, and systems group which includes new digestion anatomy, hydration/inflammation, and other endocrine-related items. The second portion of the scan allows for additional categories which include:

  • Food stressors
  • Heavy metals
  • Hormones
  • Parasites
  • Neurotransmitters
  • Fungi/Molds
  • Bacteria
  • Pesticides

Discover top digestion balancers

General digestion balancers are scanned after the stressor scan. You can select any or all of the following Virtual Items to include in the scan:
These general digestion balancer Virtual Items are presented along with your own inventory, custom categories, and wellness services to assist you in offering the appropriate supportive options to your client.
  • Amino acids
  • Digestive enzymes
  • Top foods
  • Probiotic bacteria
  • Digestive affirmations
  • Hydration/inflammation
  • Vitamins & minerals

Key benefits of the Digestion Biosurvey

In addition to scanning for a wide range of digestive system stressor and balancer Virtual Items, the Digestion Biosurvey allows you to:

  • Get specific feedback on digestive organ stressors Virtual Items
  • Improve decision-making with more concise scanning and reporting data
  • View top general balancers as well as top stressors in a variety of ways
  • Identify specific sections of the digestive system that have correlating data
  • Run an output from the results of the core biosurvey at any time

Personalized data about gut health is just a scan away with the Digestion Biosurvey. Contact us now to get this new survey added to your Select or Elite software.


  • Stressor Selection

    Choose which primary stressor Virtual Items you want to scan for based on the prioritized and categorized results list.

  • Secondary Stressors

    Responses to secondary stressor Virtual Items are displayed according to dR value and category, allowing you to determine which items & areas may warrant further attention.

  • Balancer Responses

    In addition to selecting which general digestion balancer Virtual Items you want to scan for, you can also add items from your library and custom categories.

Sample Reports

  • Main Report

    Along with an overview of digestive system Virtual Items, the primary report shows an easy-to-understand breakdown of re-scan balancers and top general digestion balancers.

  • Biomarker Progress Chart

    Compare top out-of-range stressor Virtual Items to previous scans using the biomarker progress chart.

Learn the basics and tips for running the Digestion Biosurvey and analyzing the report.


Windows 10 or 11

i5 or i7 CPU

6-8GB of RAM

512GB hard drive with 50GB available space

USB 2.0 or higher

15-20Mbps (Up/Down)

Not Mac compatible (M1 ARM chip and above) or Windows 10 or 11 running S mode.



Windows 10 or 11

i3 or i5 CPU

4-6 GB of RAM

256GB hard drive with 50GB available space

USB 2.0 or higher

5-10Mbps (Up/Down)

Not Mac compatible (M1 ARM chip and above) or Windows 10 or 11 running S mode.

Note: You may experience issues when trying to run ZYTO software on a network drive. For best results, we recommend running the software on a local drive.

*ZYTO software may or may not work in Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. We will be unable to provide technical support for systems running these and other previous versions of Windows. 

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