A perfect system for versatility, the ZYTO Elite gives licensed practitioners access to the maximum range of scanning options.

$14,750.00 + $50 Monthly subscription fee
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Whether you’re seeing a client for only a few minutes or giving a significant amount of time and personalized attention, the Elite has everything you need.

17,000+ Virtual Items available to scan

The Elite gives you access to an extensive library containing body biomarkers, environmental factors, generic products, and much more. Items can be scanned manually or with automated scans. Plus, you can set up your own inventory, organize products into customized categories, and even manage your own library items.

Fully customizable scans & biosurveys

With full customizable control over scans and biosurveys, you’ll have the flexibility to choose how in depth you want to go with clients using a wide range of tools. And for custom scans of your own, the Elite is the only system that allows you to create and save your own automated biosurveys.

Robust standard scan with multiple options

A standard Elite scan allows you to manually select certain Virtual Items to scan as stressors against the body, and then manually select other Virtual Items as balancers. After the rescan, you’ll see how the selected balancers affect the stressors. Other great features include adding filters and potency scans.

Full access to ZYTO biosurvey library

Access the full ZYTO library of biosurveys, which quickly and easily perform automated scans on clients. Along with the various basic scans, you can also choose from advanced, food, and basic scans that include dozens of customizable reports. Specialized add-on biosurveys are available to add to the elite as well.

Sample Reports

Advanced Stressor Scan

Display all original out-of-range stressor Virtual Items from highest to lowest dR values.

Basic Balancers Scan

Display the top 10 balancer Virtual Items and product descriptions.

Manual Scan

Make comparisons between the original out-of-range stressors and those that remain after balancers have been scanned.


Scans Designed for You

The Elite comes with 13 prebuilt biosurveys to help streamline common scanning steps.

Manual Scanning

With the Elite, you are in complete control of the scanning process. Choose what, when, and how you scan.

Undo or Redo a Step

Make course corrections or choose a different direction with the Undo and Redo Buttons

Interactive Info

Hyperlinks within the Elite let you drill into libraries, cross link to relationships, and open item descriptions.

Personalize Your Reports

Edit nearly anything—add clinic branding, rearrange, or hide unnecessary information.

Build Your Own Scans

Design custom scans in the biosurvey builder toolkit to automate your most common scanning methods.

“I love my ZYTO Elite program. It has allowed me to expand my health & wellness practice with confidence that I am getting individualized analysis for each of my clients.”
Gwen Jones OTR/L, LMT, BNH

Once purchased, you will receive an email with instructions to download and install the following:

  • 1 Elite License
  • ZYTO’s 5.0 Platform that can be installed on up to 2 computers



  • 1 ZYTO Hand Cradle in professional blue
  • 1 USB 2.0 cable


Our biocommunication solutions aren’t something we sell and leave you high and dry to figure out on your own.
Your monthly subscription service provides you with:

  • Access to online training resources
  • Live training with a personal coach
  • Access to free webinars
  • Daytime and extended technical support
  • Membership to our community forum
  • Admission to any of ZYTO’s Live Training Events
  • Remote scanning


Your monthly subscription fee also guarantees you free upgrades of your Elite software for the lifetime of your license.
In addition, all products are warranted to conform to the applicable specifications for a period of 1 year for all ZYTO-branded electronic components and 1 year for all ZYTO-branded mechanical parts from the date of shipment. However, this warranty extends in 30-day increments as long as your subscription remains active.


Windows 10 or 11

i5 or i7 CPU

6-8GB of RAM

512GB hard drive with 50GB available space

USB 2.0 or higher

15-20Mbps (Up/Down)

Not Mac compatible (M1 ARM chip and above) or Windows 10 or 11 running S mode.



Windows 10 or 11

i3 or i5 CPU

4-6 GB of RAM

256GB hard drive with 50GB available space

USB 2.0 or higher

5-10Mbps (Up/Down)

Not Mac compatible (M1 ARM chip and above) or Windows 10 or 11 running S mode.

Note: You may experience issues when trying to run ZYTO software on a network drive. For best results, we recommend running the software on a local drive.

*ZYTO software may or may not work in Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. We will be unable to provide technical support for systems running these and other previous versions of Windows. 




+ $50 Monthly Subscription Fee

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+ $50 Monthly Subscription Fee

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+ $50 Monthly Subscription Fee

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