7 Benefits of the ZYTO Balance Wellness Reports [with Infographic]

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The ZYTO Balance Biosurvey includes 15 reports that provide a wealth of information, helping you individualize wellness programs and reach health goals faster. The Balance wellness reports allow you to look at the scan responses from different perspectives to assist you in making the best wellness decisions possible. Read on to learn more about the specific benefits that these reports offer.


1. See a list of top products

When you run a Balance scan, the body’s energetic responses to more than 190 biomarkers are recorded and analyzed. These biomarkers are digital representations of actual items such as organs, systems, and emotions. Biomarker responses will either be within range or out of range compared to a baseline reading.

balance report showing top products

Next, the body’s responses to balancer Virtual Items are gathered to determine which products bring the out-of-range biomarkers back into range. These top products are displayed at the top of the Balance Wellness Report that displays after the scan.


The list of top products provides a simple starting point from which you may base your product recommendations. Based on information such as other data points from the scan, contraindications from current medications or conditions, or other test results, you may decide to implement all or a portion of the top products listed. ZYTO emphasizes that a patient should never discontinue doctor-prescribed medicine without consulting with that doctor.


2. Prioritize the 4 core areas of health

After the top products are displayed in the Wellness Report, the next section shows the responses to the 4 core areas that are critical for maintaining health and wellness. These are the immune system, the hormonal/endocrine system, the detoxification system, and the gastrointestinal system.

balance chart showing 4 core system responses

In the report, you can see at a glance which systems are out of range. These can be thought of as the systems that need additional support to bring back into balance. On the following pages of the report, you can drill down and see which items were out of range for each system and see the top products that can be used to support that system.


The information on the core systems pages can be a great starting point to ask questions about the items that are out of range. Plus, this information can help you prioritize which core area or areas to focus on.


3. Prioritize supporting lifestyle areas

Below the core areas, the responses of supporting lifestyle areas are also displayed on the Wellness Report. These lifestyle areas are important areas that have a large influence on the 4 core systems. In fact, you will likely see correlations between the out-of-range core systems and out-of-range lifestyle areas.

wellness report chart of lifestyle area responses

You can see at a glance which Lifestyle items are out of range and how far out of range they are. And on the following pages, you can see which items were out of range within each category, as well as the top products that may assist with supporting that lifestyle area.


Like the 4 core systems section of the report, the lifestyle section can assist you with asking more relevant questions and determining which areas to focus on. In addition, if you see the same item or products repeating through both the 4 core system and lifestyle sections, those are items that you may want to look at more closely.


4. Support immunity for today’s unique challenges

The Today’s Basic Immunity Report is the newest report in the Balance Biosurvey. This report displays the responses to 6 systems that are closely connected with immunity. Like the Wellness Report, each area is broken down so that you can see the specific out-of-range items in each category, as well as top products to support each category.

zyto balance report showing immune system responses

Considering the unique challenges our immune systems face today, the Today’s Basic Immunity report is a timely and helpful addition to the Balance Biosurvey. The report not only shows the body’s responses to Lymphatic, Respiratory, and Immune System Virtual Items, but also the related categories of the Gastrointestinal System, Mental/Emotional Stress, and Sleep. And while ZYTO technology does not diagnose or treat medical conditions or diseases, exploring each category further can spark relevant questions related to personal wellness and provide a more holistic view of the immune system in general.


5. Understand energetic relationships

According to traditional Chinese medicine, certain parts of the body have a close energetic connection with other parts. For example, the liver is considered to be energetically connected to the canine teeth, the first cervical vertebrae, and the middle thoracic vertebrae. It’s also considered to be closely connected with the emotion of anger. What this means is that an issue with the liver may lead to an issue in one of these connected areas. And conversely, issues in any of these associated areas may impact the liver negatively.


In the Balance Biosurvey, you can observe these energetic relationships by clicking on the Vectors tab. If you click on Liver, the energetic relationships in the related areas will be highlighted. Plus, these and additional energetic relationships will be displayed in the column to the left of the chart.

liver energetic vectors chart

The Balance makes understanding and comparing these vectors even easier with the Vector reports. Each report covers a certain category, such as organs or emotions, and displays the out-of-range responses of biomarkers that are energetically connected within that category. This information allows you to observe the actual responses of items that share a close relationship with one another so you can observe things from a more holistic perspective.


6. Get additional details in the Biomarker Progress Chart

Another benefit of the ZYTO Balance reports is that you can see which balancer Virtual Item or items brought a specific biomarker back into range. The biomarkers that required the most products to bring back into range are listed at the top of the report. These are items that you may want to pay more attention to because they were more difficult to bring back into range.

biomarker progress chart from balance report

Additionally, having several biomarkers in the same system (or that are energetically connected) that were difficult to bring into range is something to pay close attention to as well.


7. See a list of biologically coherent wellness services

Along with products, the Balance also gives you the option to scan a list of pre-selected wellness services. These are clinic or other services that you offer or that you may want to refer the client to. Scanning services provides an additional way to create a more holistic wellness plan.

relaxed young woman getting acupuncture treatment

Services can be used to complement your top products and even help bring stubborn biomarkers back into range. If it takes several products to bring a biomarker back into range, you may want to address that biomarker with a compatible service instead of a product. For example, If adding a 6th product only brings the S5 vertebrae back into range, you may want to instead try to bring that item back into range with a chiropractic adjustment.


Learn more about what the Balance can do for you.


benefits of zyto balance reports infographic


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