6 Best Essential Oils for Back Pain

man holding sore back in need of essential oils for back pain

Did you know that lower back pain is considered the leading cause of disability around the world?1 Still, this shows that the reality of how much surgical and pharmaceutical-dependent approaches actually help does not match public perceptions. Many have been led to believe that they’ll only find relief from expensive, complicated therapies, medications, or operations. […]

Essential Oils for Bed Bugs – Do They Work? (plus 5 EO Blends!)

spray bottle of essential oils for bed bugs

People opt for essential oils as natural alternatives to cleaning, beauty, and some health and wellness products. Some may go a step further and use them to keep insects like gnats or mosquitoes away. But what about repelling, killing, and fumigating bed bugs?   It may seem unlikely that home remedies like essential oils could […]

7 Best Essential Oils for Hair Loss (with Infographic)

young woman looking at her receding hairline in mirror

If you struggle with hair loss or know someone who does, you know just how hard it can be. Whether dealing with thinning hair or large bald spots, many people experience frustration and self-esteem issues due to their loss of hair.   Hair loss is more common than you may think. It doesn’t matter if […]

8 Best Essential Oils for Cold Sores

young man pointing at cold sore - essential oils for cold sores

Cold sores can be painful and inconvenient to deal with. It can be even more inconvenient and challenging to find ways to easily prevent them from getting worse or help with the symptoms at home.   While over-the-counter topical medications are available to help speed healing and deal with the symptoms, those with the most […]

Choosing the Best Essential Oils for You

young woman searching for best essential oils in store

Table of Contents Choosing an essential oil brand What to look for on a label Essential oils for various health problems Deciding which oils are right for you   Whether you’re just starting out on your essential oils journey and don’t know where to begin or are just looking for additional information about how to […]

How to Use Essential Oils Safely

eucalyptus leaves next to oil being poured into bowl

Table of Contents Inhaling essential oils Topical use of essential oils How to use a carrier oil Internal use of essential oils Potential side effects of essential oils Treating essential oil toxicity Storing your essential oils   Essential oils offer a wide range of potential benefits and can be used in a variety of ways. […]

6 Best Essential Oils for Bug Bites [plus 2 Bug Bite Blends]

girl looking at bug bite on her arm

Bug bites are a common problem, but that doesn’t make them any less frustrating. In fact, depending on the bite, they can be downright maddening! Some individuals are sensitive to or even allergic to certain bug bites. In these circumstances, more serious reactions can occur. For instance, when I get a mosquito bite, it’s merely […]

6 Best Essential Oils for Headaches

woman getting headache from working on laptop

    Headaches can be incredibly unpleasant and are also quite common. While it’s not alarming that many people get headaches from time to time, what is concerning is the rise of chronic headaches. The WHO estimates that 1 in every 20 adults has a headache every day or nearly every day.1 Every day! Additionally, […]

9 Best Essential Oils for Allergies

women with allergies blowing nose next to flowers

Allergies plague so many of us, causing symptoms that can greatly hamper quality of life, create real discomfort, sap us of our energy, and much more. While over-the-counter medications have helped a lot of people, natural remedies can be effective and very appealing, especially because they lack some of the side effects of conventional medications. […]

The Most Expensive Essential Oils Money Can Buy

frankincense oil next to oil resin

Essential oils have all sorts of therapeutic properties, and they can be a great tool to add to your health and wellness toolkit. There is a long list of different types of essential oils, all with different benefits, fragrances, uses, and prices. While some essential oils are quite affordable and only cost a few dollars […]