9 Best Essential Oils for Skin Tightening

young woman applying essential oils for skin tightening

Having healthy-looking skin helps us feel confident and beautiful. One of the ways this can be achieved is with the help of skin tightening: such as from skin toners and other products.   It can be hard to determine which skincare products are best to choose for your skin— especially because the market is riddled […]

9 Best Essential Oils for Sunburn

girl's sunburned back - essential oils for sunburn

While basking in nature and soaking up sunshine, each of us is bound to deal with sunburns at one point or another. Though even minor sunburns can be a pain and linger on for days, did you know that the quicker you draw upon natural remedies and other ways to support your body’s healing process, […]

14 Best Essential Oils for Mosquitos

essential oils for mosquitos theme - happy family camping

Nothing is a bigger downer than dealing with mosquitos during summer outdoor events. Not only can their bites and buzzing be a distraction, but some people are more sensitive to mosquito bites than others. For these people, a fun outdoor experience can quickly be ruined by pain and itching.   While there are lots of […]

7 Best Essential Oils for Fever

woman in bed considering essential oils for fever

Getting sick is part of life—but it’s still very inconvenient, all the same. One of the greatest discomforts of getting sick with the typical cough, cold, or flu is getting a fever.   A fever can cause many symptoms: not the least of which includes weakness, cold sweats, hot sweats, shivering, and uncomfortably high body […]

6 Best Essential Oils for Nausea

woman in need of essential oils for nausea

It happens to all of us at some point: nausea strikes. Out of nowhere.   No matter the cause, it’s distracting at the very least and completely debilitating at the worst. But, it’s still not one of those things you need to rush yourself to the doctor for (unless you think the cause is serious). […]

7 Best Essential Oils for Vertigo

dizzy senior woman - essential oils for vertigo

Vertigo is a debilitating condition for many people. As you get older, your chances of someday experiencing this discombobulating “dizzy spell” get higher due to certain factors that worsen or increase as you age.   What is vertigo? What treatments are available? Can essential oils help with vertigo? Learn more about the condition and how […]

Are essential oils flammable?

are essential oils flammable - eo bottles next to candles

Essential oils are concentrated extracts of plants such as flowers, leaves, or roots. The fact that it can take a large quantity of plants to produce a small bottle makes essential oils highly potent. But while this potency has many potential benefits, it can also lead to some concerns about safety. One of these concerns […]

9 Essential Oils for Sleep Apnea

essential oil diffuser on night stand next to bed

Sleep apnea is one of the most common sleeping disorders affecting people in America and worldwide, second to insomnia. It is a sleep-related breathing disorder, meaning that it can make you stop and start breathing in cycles while you sleep.   There are two kinds of sleep apnea: obstructive sleep apnea, the most common kind, […]

10 Best Essential Oils for Hemorrhoids

Essential Oils For Hemorrhoids - Rose And Peppermint leaves Next To Bottles

A hemorrhoid is a prolapsed blood vessel in the anus or rectum that can be painful, itchy, or bleed occasionally. Noticing a hemorrhoid can be alarming at first—and uncomfortable at the very least.   While they could indicate a serious digestive condition, hemorrhoids are typically not too serious and are fairly easy to treat. Once […]

10 Best Essential Oils for Congestion

Young woman blowing nose needs essential oils for congestion

We all can get congested at times and for many different reasons. Over-the-counter meds and prescriptions can help greatly. But some of these can be difficult to access, get a prescription for, or may come with less than desirable side effects such as dependence, immune suppression, and more.   Are there any natural alternatives that […]

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