7 Best Supplements for Gastritis

man with stomach pain - supplements for gastritis concept

If you or someone you know has recently been diagnosed with gastritis, then you may be looking to learn more about this condition. And while gastritis is not usually a serious health issue, it can become one if not properly treated.    There are many treatment options for gastritis. And you may even be able […]

6 Supplements for Sugar Cravings

fit young woman fighting off sugary snacks

Do you have a sweet tooth? Does it feel nearly impossible to pass up dessert every single night? Do you constantly feel pulled towards candy, sweet snacks, ice cream, or soda? If so, you might feel addicted to sugar and controlled by your sugar cravings.   But don’t worry, you aren’t alone! The average American […]

The 8 Best Supplements for Runners

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Running can take a lot out of you and put a lot of strain on your body. Your body requires a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for endurance, energy, strength, performance, and recovery. To help your body be at its best when you run, and to help it recover afterwards, proper nutrition and […]

8 Best Herbs for Lung Health

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There are numerous herbs that are beneficial for supporting lung health. And from helping with asthma to fighting off respiratory illness, breaking up phlegm, or even fighting inflammation, there are many ways that these herbs can greatly benefit the lungs.   Ways to use herbs for lung health Interestingly, each individual herb has a vast […]

Stressor Spotlight – Candida Albicans

candidiasis definition on paper

Have you ever heard of the word Candida and wondered what it was all about?   Candida albicans refers to a type of fungus that, if it gets out of balance, can cause problems in the body. From itchy skin to digestive complaints, Candida can be behind a wide range of symptoms and health concerns. […]

9 Best Herbs for Energy [with Infographic]

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If you have trouble getting a good night’s sleep and feel fatigued throughout the day, you’re not alone. Nearly half of Americans admit that they are too sleep deprived to function properly on the roads and at work.1   Many modern-day factors play a role in the fatigue that we all experience to one degree […]

Reverse Aging: 8 Tips to Feel and Look Younger

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Longevity and even immortality have long been sought after throughout the ages. You might be familiar with the Fountain of Youth, magical water that cures illness and old age, and know that it never has been attainable. Similarly, today, you’ll see a variety of products that claim to reverse aging, but is it actually possible? […]

How to Stimulate the Vagus Nerve for Better Health

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Vagus nerve stimulation has recently become a hot topic in the health and wellness industry.   People are beginning to pay more and more attention to this vital cranial nerve and its importance for both physical and mental health. Making sure that this nerve is functioning optimally can help you to increase resistance to stress, […]

10 Pillars of Wellness

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To truly improve and maintain a high quality of life, we need to go beyond focusing on specific symptoms and start looking at health from a more holistic perspective. This guide will help you understand why holistic health and wellness are important, outline the 10 pillars that make a strong foundation for well-being, and explain […]

8 Best Supplements for Vegans

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It’s no secret that food trends have been dominating people’s choices and lifestyles. We keep hearing about new diets and health crazes, but how do we know which is better and healthier? Some advise low caloric intake, while others are restrictive and get rid of some food groups. Among the dozens of diets circulating everywhere […]