Add-on biosurveys for ZYTO Select & Elite

The ZYTO Select and Elite systems come with a handful of built-in scans called biosurveys. These biosurveys are designed to automate the scanning process while still giving you the flexibility to select the items you want to scan for. In addition to these built-in scans, we have developed other biosurveys that focus on specific areas of wellness. Four of these biosurveys are currently available as add-ons to the included scans.

Digestion biosurvey

Scans for key primary and secondary Virtual Items related to gut health.

Lifestyle biosurvey

Scans for Virtual Items in 10 key areas that greatly influence wellness.

Hydration Biosurvey

Scans for key Virtual Items that impact and are impacted by hydration.

Immunity biosurvey

Scans for Virtual Items in 6 foundational areas that impact immunity.

Create your own biosurveys with the Elite

Along with the built-in biosurveys and these add-ons, the Elite system gives you the ability to create your own biosurveys. By customizing these biosurveys to fit your preferences and needs, you can further streamline ZYTO scanning for your practice.

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