4 Alternative Health Modalities for Emotional Wellness

In my practice, I have found that emotional traumas are typically the catalysts that trigger disease and suffering. It’s the buried, hidden, denied, unknown, suppressed, unresolved issues and traumas—as well as our limiting beliefs and generational patterns and habits—that interfere with the ability to create good health.


Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, said that the doctor’s job is to help the patient find the doctor within. This is the approach I like to take when dealing with patients. What I want to do is release the natural forces of the body, because they are the true healers of disease.


Finding and addressing our hidden blockages frees the energy flow that restores vitality, health, and elevation of consciousness. I use several tools in my practice to identify and free blockages so the body can restore itself. Below are some of the most effective tools I use for addressing emotional issues that are often at the root of disease.


1 – Kinesiology


Kinesiology, or muscle testing, is a form of biofeedback that can help identify imbalances that may be causing disease. I like to use this modality because I think the most important thing we can do is make sure that everything we choose for each person is the best thing for them.


There’s no one thing that’s right for everyone, and one of the biggest mistakes we make in life is thinking there is one solution for every symptom. There is an energetic difference in variation in everything that occurs because we are each unique, and we each form and hold things differently. Kinesiology can help us discover these unique variations and assist with recommending therapies that are right for each person.


2 – Psychosomatic energetics


meditation graphic showing chakra colors


Psychosomatic energetic medicine is a modality I use to identify energetic blockages in chakras. By testing with the Reba Device, we are able to get to the core emotional issues that are causing blockages. From there, I can then recommend Rubimed remedies to promote self-recovery.1


I had a patient, for example, who came in that had a pain in her chest. Her family brought her in trying to find out what was wrong with her heart. I discovered that her heart chakra was blocked and that this stemmed from her father leaving the family and going with someone else. We put her on the psychosomatic remedies from Dr. Reimar Banis, who invented them, and she was back to her normal self in a short amount of time.


3 – Constellation therapy


Constellation therapy can be an effective way to discover when and where a person’s trauma started. In many cases, the deepest traumas are passed down from our ancestors. I studied this therapy with Dr. Bert Hellinger, who developed what is known as Family Constellation Work.2


I had the opportunity to attend a conference where I saw Dr. Hellinger demonstrate Family Constellation Work on a woman in the audience. This woman had psychosis and was not emotionally well. When she went through the therapy on stage, they found out that her relatives had experienced a mass murder. When they let her see this and feel it, and did the work to resolve it, her psychosis was no longer there. So you can see how important it is to find these hidden or covered-up traumas so that we can address and heal them.


4 – ZYTO technology


young man using EVOX perception reframing software


ZYTO technology is a great tool that I use to identify and address blockages in a person’s field of energy. The ZYTO EVOX is a particularly powerful software for assisting with emotional wellness. When we have the person speak into this program through the computer, it has the capacity to analyze the voice and measure imbalances in the voice tones and frequencies. It then sends balancing frequencies back to the body’s energy field.


Although not a diagnostic tool, ZYTO is able to address a person’s subconscious limiting beliefs through this perception reframing process. This helps us work through the emotions that are blocking us up, whether we know that those emotions or perceptions are causing problems or not. Like constellation work, EVOX can also be used to work through issues that are passed down from generation to generation.


Other modalities for emotional wellness


In addition to these modalities and tools, there are other treatments I may recommend to assist with emotional release, depending on the patient’s needs. These include:


The great thing about the modalities and services I offer is that many of them are available to scan in the ZYTO software. Scanning these services can give you a better idea of which options are biologically coherent, or preferable, for the patient.



dr. paula kogerAbout Paula Koger, DOM

Paula Koger is an RN, Counselor, and Doctor of Oriental Medicine who has been practicing alternative health for more than 25 years. She specializes in healing emotional traumas that trigger disease through a variety of methods, including homeopathy, electronic gem therapy, and sound therapy. To learn more about Dr. Koger, visit her website at wealthofhealthcenter.com.




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