5 Tips for Improved Holistic Health

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To truly be healthy and well, we need to focus not on just getting rid of the symptoms, but taking control of our lives and being willing to make healthy holistic changes. In this way, we can heal from the inside out instead of relying only on medicine when something goes wrong.


When a patient first comes into my office, I talk about the 5 stars of health. Addressing these areas helps people take charge of their own lives and get on the right track to healing and an improved quality of life. Let’s take a closer look at holistic health tips in each of these 5 areas.


1 – Drink plenty of low-ORP water

The mineral content of water and high pH value are both plusses, but the biggest factor for water absorption is actually ORP, or oxidative reduction potential. Most of the water we drink is filtered water or at best maybe pH-altered water. But this type of water still has a high ORP, which means that the particles are not small enough to actually go through the cell wall. So even though most of the water Americans drink is clean water, it has been processed over and over so the molecules are clumped together and harder to absorb.


The most effective way to get more water into the cell is to run it through the earth or electrify it. This means that clean well water is the best water we can drink by far. To a lesser extent, electrolyzed water machines can also be effective at producing water that easily penetrates the cells. Along with getting enough of this type of water, also keep in mind that beverages like coffee and tea actually take more water out of our body than they put in.


2 – Eat efficient foods

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Everybody is all about keto diets and weight-loss diets and this diet and that diet. But efficiency is a word that I use. What is efficient for your body is not necessarily good food, bad food, or organic food. One of the things I often recommend is eating right for your blood type, because this is one of the ways we can get you more efficient. In other words, if you’re a blood type O and you eat a lot of cheese, that’s very inefficient food. It’s not poison, it’s not bad food, it’s not nasty, it’s not sinful; it’s just inefficient for you. It means your body has an opportunity to either store it as fat, send it through undigested, or borrow from Peter to pay Paul to get it digested in the first place.


At my practice, we spend a lot of time with our patients looking at food and efficiency for the body, finding out what’s efficient and what’s not. That’s not the same as a food allergy; it’s true deficiency. We use the blood-type diet as a place to start and develop a patient-specific food list. It’s not the best food list on the planet; it’s just a great place to start.


3 – Recharge your body’s battery

The electricity of the body is at a cellular level. I use pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF) to create electricity at the cellular level, because every cell in your body is like a rechargeable battery. For example, if you don’t charge your cell phone, you’re going to have a dead phone by the end of the day. So you need to recharge your battery.


In addition to PEMF, which I use in my office to recharge the batteries of the cells, one of the best things to do for a recharging therapy at home is to walk barefoot on the earth—not on the carpet, not on the wood floor—but barefoot on the earth for at least 30 seconds every day.


4 – Support healthy brain function

man hooked up to eeg device

The brain is the most powerful substance on the planet because 90% of the nervous system of the human being is inside the brain. If 90% is inside the brain, even us chiropractors have to realize that only 10% of what we effect is the body below. 90% is in the brain, so we need to pay attention to that even more.


I use tools like EEG mapping to complement ZYTO technology in order to find out what part of the brain is working and what part isn’t; because if your brain is functioning normally, your body will follow. if it’s not functioning properly, your body will not follow. So the health of the brain is very important as well.


5 – Address emotions

I studied a lot of Dr. Ryke Hamer’s work on German New Medicine. Dr. Hamer talks a lot about emotions and how all disease starts with a shock-trauma-surprise. When your body goes into shock-trauma-surprise, there’s a two-step protocol: incubation and healing. So when you’re incubating something, you don’t have any symptoms of course. However, your body is dealing with some type of emotional stress.


This is where technology like ZYTO comes into play. Most people go to the doctor when they have a symptom and say, “Doctor, I’ve got a headache. I’ve got a backache. I’ve got a neck ache. Fix me.” But those are symptoms and symptoms don’t appear until the second phase of disease. When the body’s in the incubation phase, you have no signs of symptoms. When you’re in the healing phase, that’s when the symptoms begin. So using technology like ZYTO allows you to look at things way before the symptoms begin and address the underlying emotions as well.


Balancing structure, chemistry, and emotion

I mentioned the importance of emotions, but emotions are also closely tied to chemistry and structure. In 36 years of practice, I’ve found that if you don’t fix the structure and the chemistry and the emotion at the same time, you don’t fix the person’s body. Then, the problem usually returns and gets worse each time.


That’s why I love ZYTO technology, because it addresses the 3 areas of health. We can look at the scan data and correlate between acupuncture points, teeth, emotions, and organs to discover potential holes in a client’s nutrition. Then their biomarkers begin to change really quickly. And along with that, we can also combine scanning with EVOX perception reframing to really open up the emotional channel.




 dr lee photoAbout Dr. Lee

Dr. David G. Lee is a Doctor of Chiropractic with more than 35 years of experience in private practice. He has earned certifications in several areas of holistic health, including functional medicine, addictionology, and neurofeedback. Dr. Lee uses ZYTO technology along with other modalities in his practice to balance the health of the body. To learn more, visit Dr. Lee’s website at wellnessrevolution.club


The information provided in this article is intended to improve, not replace, the direct relationship between the client (or site visitor) and healthcare professionals.

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