What is nutrition response testing? 

nutrition response testing - female practitioner assessing male patient

Nutrition response testing (sometimes simply called NRT) is a technique that alternative and holistic health practitioners like chiropractors often use to diagnose underlying causes of health concerns and return the body to optimal function.   The theory behind this technique was developed back in the 1960s by George Goodheart Jr. Since then, it has gained […]

10 Best Foods for Sore Throat

woman touching her sore throat

You’ve probably experienced a sore throat many times in your life. That itchy, painful, dry feeling you get from a sore throat is hard to forget.   When you feel a sore throat coming on, you’ll want to know what caused it, how to treat it, and whether you need to see a doctor. But […]

6 Worst Foods to Eat Before Bed (and What to Eat Instead)

Woman eating pizza and drinking cola while sitting on sofa

It’s almost your bedtime and you want a snack. But you have heard somewhere that eating after dinner or too close to bed is bad for you, so you’re not sure if you should eat something or ignore your hunger and try to sleep. What do you do?   The advice out there regarding late-night […]

6 Best Supplements for Bloating

Woman holding stomach while sitting on a couch

Belly bloat. An uncomfortable symptom that can leave you with a round, swollen belly… making it so you don’t look or feel like yourself.   If you get bloated more often than after the occasional large meal or holiday feast, it might be time to look deeper into the issue and find ways to better […]

5 Best Foods for Neuropathy

woman with neuropathy holding foot in pain

Neuropathy, or peripheral neuropathy as it’s often called, has a range of symptoms that can affect almost anyone. If you or someone you know has been affected by neuropathy, you’re probably wanting to learn more about the condition and find out what you can do to treat or prevent it.   In this post, we’ll […]

3 Fertility Diet Recipes

baked apples with cinnamon on plate

If you’re trying to have a baby, you are probably wondering what things you can do to increase your fertility. Many factors, including food choices, affect a person’s fertility. In this article, we dive into the fertility diet and different foods that help to optimize fertility.    What is fertility? Before we dig into the […]

3 Delicious Flexitarian Diet Recipes

nut butter with jelly and strawberry smoothie

    If you’re trying to eat more plant foods without cutting out meat and dairy, the semi-vegetarian flexitarian diet is sustainable for many and a good place to start for most. US News ranks the Flexitarian Diet as the #2 Best Diet Overall because it’s a healthy, easy-to-follow way of eating.1   What is […]

3 Delicious MIND Diet Recipes

holding fork with brain-shaped handle and healthy foods on fork 3d illustration

Do you ever think about your brain and what you’re doing to help protect your brain cells? Your genetics, age, environment, and health habits offer clues to your risks of getting brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. The MIND diet is a style of eating that focuses on food that helps promote brain health […]

Best Tea for Sore Throat – 7 Soothing Options

woman drinking tea for sore throat

Whether you’ve been experiencing a sore throat for a few hours or a few days, one of the best remedies is to drink a cup of tea. Many teas have beneficial properties that can help reduce inflammation and boost immunity, making them an effective treatment for a sore throat.   Beyond being a remedy for […]

Iridology – 5 Things Your Eyes Can Tell You about Your Health

closeup of woman's eyes with blue iris

Iridology is a scientific study of the iris, the colored portion of the eye. In reflexology, there are different parts and different markings on the foot that are related to different organs of the body. Iridology is similar to this modality in that certain zones and markings correspond with certain areas of the body.   […]