ZYTO Remote app

With the ZYTO Remote App and a Remote Hand Cradle, anyone who owns our Pro software can connect to you and run a ZYTO scan from the comfort of your own home. Once you have received your Remote Hand Cradle from your wellness professional, download the Remote app and follow the instructions below.

*Windows only - not Mac compatible

Installation and setup:

1. Download and open the Remote App setup file. Then click Install.
Note: Hand Cradle drivers will be installed during this process.

2. Plug your ZYTO Hand Cradle into your computer.

3. Double click the ZYTO Remote App on your desktop.

4. Enter the remote code you receive from your practitioner and click Connect.

5. Place your hand on the Hand Cradle and wait for your practitioner to begin a scan.

Interested in getting Remote ZYTO scans?

Contact your practitioner and ask about this option today!

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