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With ZYTO Remote, you can run ZYTO scans on clients anywhere in the world!

For pricing or to place a Remote Hand Cradle click to order. We can also be reached by phone at: (801) 224-7199 (option 2)

Using an Internet connection and the ZYTO Remote App, you can connect with clients to provide the same valuable information and services without being limited by the physical location of your office. ZYTO Remote is included in the ZYTO Balance, Select, Elite, and EVOX software.
ZYTO Remote

Use ZYTO Remote to:

Assist clients that may not have time to come to your office.
Maintain relationships with clients who may have moved away.
Run ZYTO scans on behalf of other practitioners and wellness advocates.
Expand your practice or business without having to expand office space.

Hand Cradle

How do I get started?

When you purchase a ZYTO Remote, we will ship a Hand Cradle directly to your client. They need only follow the included instructions to download the ZYTO Remote App and quickly connect with you, your clinic, and the power of ZYTO scan technology.

ZYTO Remote app - for practitioners

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