Balancer Spotlight: Cell Salt Therapy

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Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc are essential for our health and wellness. But even if we get enough of these essential minerals in our diet, the body can still have issues with absorbing them. To be effective, minerals need to be absorbed into our tissues. This is where cell salts come in.


What is cell salt therapy?

Developed by the German physician Wilhelm Schuessler in the 19th century, cell salts are homeopathic remedies that help regulate mineral levels in the body’s cells. By helping to regulate the mineral levels in cells, these salts can support the body’s health and healing processes. Because they can be absorbed directly into body tissue, cell salts are often referred to as tissue salts.


From his research, Dr. Schuessler discovered 12 primary cell salts that perform essential functions in the body. His theory was that if a person is deficient in one or more of these salts, administering the appropriate cell salt remedy would restore the mineral balance in the body.


How does cell salt therapy work?

Due to dysfunctions and other factors such as stress and insufficient nutrition, many of the minerals we consume are not able to reach our cells and be fully absorbed.1 Cell salts, however, are diluted versions of mineral salts that are able to get into our cells more easily.


Cell salts are prepared homeopathically, with one part mineral salt added to 9 parts of lactose. This solution is diluted further until it is a 6x dilution, or potency. The 6x dilution ensures that the cell salt can enter the blood stream directly and does not have to be digested to be absorbed.2 The diluted cell salt comes in the form of a small tablet that can be dissolved beneath the tongue. It’s also available in liquid form that’s prepared with alcohol rather than lactose, as well as in gel and cream form.


Cell salt dosage

cell salt tablets on wooden board

Like other substances and homeopathics, cells salts are more effective if taken routinely rather than sporadically. Dosage can vary based on the brand of cell salt, so make sure to check the label for instructions or follow the specific dosage recommended by your practitioner. Most brands offer the single cell salts as well as combinations of one or more salts to address specific issues. For chronic conditions, a typical recommendation is to take cell salts for 1-3 months and visit your healthcare professional if symptoms persist.3


Because the amount of mineral in the cell salt is so small, there is little risk of overdosing and experiencing negative side effects. Those who are lactose-intolerant are not likely to be affected because the lactose amounts in the tablets are so small. Cell salts are also safe for pregnant women and children, and there are no known interactions with any medications.


Benefits of cell salt therapy

Each of the 12 cell salts discovered by Dr. Schuessler have a specific function in the body:

  • Calcium fluoride (Calc fluor) – Restores tissue elasticity & blood vessels
  • Calcium phospate (Calc phos) – Supports bone/tooth health & nutrient absorption
  • Calcium sulphate (Calc sulph) – Purifies blood & reduces infection
  • Iron phospate (Ferrum phos) – Controls inflammation & increases oxygen
  • Potassium chloride (Kali mur) – Detoxifies & aids digestion
  • Potassium phosphate (Kali phos) – Aids nerve & brain cells
  • Potassium sulphate (Kali sulph) – Supports metabolism & skin health
  • Magnesium phosphate (Mag phos) – Eases pain & cramps
  • Sodium chloride (Nat mur) – Distributes & regulates water
  • Sodium phosphate (Nat phos) – Neutralizes acid
  • Sodium sulphate (Nat sulph) – Cleanses the liver & reduces water retention
  • Silica (Silicea) – Conditions skin and connective tissue


While scientific evidence is lacking, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence suggesting that cell salts are an effective remedy for a variety of ailments. They are believed to be especially useful for colds, flus, skin issues, bone/muscle issues, and stress, to name a few. Proponents of cell salt therapy also believe that it has a long-lasting positive effect on the body.


Is cell salt therapy right for you?

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A practitioner who uses cell salt therapy may recommend it for a variety of conditions. For example, Kali phos may be recommended for anxiety and fatigue, and Calc fluor may be prescribed for sensitive teeth or osteoporosis. Cell salts may also be recommended to help maintain general health and wellness.


Although there is little risk of side effects, it’s a good idea to talk to a practitioner who is familiar with this type of therapy before using cell salts. A qualified practitioner can help you determine which salt or salts will be best for you.


Cell salt therapy balancer Virtual Item

The Cell Salt Therapy Virtual Item can be scanned in the ZYTO Balance, Select, and Elite software to help determine whether your body could benefit from these salts. If Cell Salt Therapy is one of the body’s top 5 biologically coherent services, it will show up in the Services section of the Balance Wellness Report. You can also see the response to this specific service in the Services report as well.


Along with scanning Cell Salt Therapy, the Select and Elite also gives you the option to scan for the 12 individual cell salts to provide additional insight into your body’s preferences.





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The information provided in this article is intended to improve, not replace, the direct relationship between the client (or site visitor) and healthcare professionals.

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